63% of People in Their 20s Say They Want to Start a Business. Startup Rocket Academy is Helping Them To Do Just That

Before Hannes Rydell got where he is, he had to learn and put very important lessons to work. He couldn’t help but notice how many of his peers wanted to launch a business but never making it past the idea. “No one seemed to know how they would begin,” he says. Like the avid researcher, Hannes was curious to know why so many dreamers were failing and set out to find out. “I did some quick google searches and found out that 63% of people in their 20s want to start a business.”

According to Inc Magazine, the average age of first-time startup founders is 40. This means that a massive number of people want to start a business in their 20s but don’t act on it until they’re much older. Hannes wanted to solve this problem and make it possible for more young people to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

Learn From The Best

Ever since he was 16, Hannes has been involved in different entrepreneurial projects. From social media marketing, building websites to running e-commerce stores, he was always interested in knowing the inner workings of the business world. At 18, Hannes founded a SaaS-company called DropInGolf Sweden AB, which helps golf courses to maximize tee time availability. He is currently running this company and, together with his team, has a little bit over 15,000 users. His new company, Startup Rocket Academy which is teaching young entrepreneurs how to start a business.

How Startup Rocket Academy Helps Entrepreneurs

Startup Rocket Academy consists of multiple products. Their most popular one is the SRA Business Plan Template, and it is the #1 tool for starting a business as a young entrepreneur. There is an insane amount of areas and aspects that you need to have thought through for every business if your business is to succeed. The SRA Business Plan Template helps you don’t miss anything since everything is already outlined for you.

There are premade modules and copies which can be customized to fit any business type in every niche, this allows you to be about 75% done with your business plan before even starting. However, the SRA Business Plan Template is not just a template for creating a business plan. It can also be used to formulate business ideas from scratch to signing investors and customers directly through it. It is flexible, and the multitude of features makes it such a great tool, unlike anything you have seen on the market.

Hannes calls the SRA Business Plan Template the first step to launching a business. “When our students feel ready for the next step, they can get access to Startup Rocket Academy, which is our main product. Here we´ll go through not just how to start your business but every step to scaling and managing it. We call it the complete A-Z plan of launching a business as a young entrepreneur.”

If students are not ready to take this step right away, they can also purchase only a part of the program called Startup Network Mastery.

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