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Music Influencer Kyree Hollis Talks Instagram Growth Methods for Artists and Producers




When it comes to building an audience, artists need all the help they can get. With so many platforms to choose from and a need to stand out amongst one’s peers, where should all the attention be focused? To answer that question, digital marketing strategist Kyree Hollis offers Instagram growth strategies for emerging artists and producers. After working with acts like Yo Gotti, Lil Tecca, and Cam’ron to name a few, the 23-year-old has helped several hundreds of artists turn their platform into an empire.

First things first, hashtags are by far the most common tool used on social media. They can almost instantly gain the attention of thousands of people, which in turn, results in a bigger audience. “Hashtags help with people searching for the similar hashtag come across your post, which will help it receive more likes and potentially the explore page,” Kyree states. “If you have a business profile, which you should as an artist, you are able to check your insights and see if you’re getting impressions from the hashtags.”

Engagement groups on the other hand are group conversations amongst peers within Instagram and Twitter. “They are important because it allows people to network and support each other within a chat,” Hollis recites. People in engagement groups will like and comment on other members’ posts in exchange for their own posts receiving the same traction, hence the name.”

By far one of the most popular digital marketing tools this past month, TikTok and Triller challenges have the ability to turn a budding song into a viral smash hit. As we’ve seen with records like Yo Gotti’s “Pose” or Lil Mosey’s “Blueberry Faygo,” millions of kids across the platforms participate in a race to amass millions of views on their videos. “Encourage your followers to make videos to your music, and have their friends make videos as well,” Kyree on these viral challenges. “It’s always smart to give them an incentive such as you choosing a winner to get free backstage passes or an autographed poster and so forth.”

“When making a post on your Instagram, try to think of a call to action or something that is going to make a viewer engage as you’re thinking about the caption.” Captions are one of the most underrated marketing tools, but nonetheless, an important factor of creative direction. Many artists alike will choose between song lyrics and questions that call for action. How many times have you seen an artist say “get this post to 1,000 comments and the song is yours”?

Furthermore, Instagram Live is now the place to be, especially after being popularized by artists like Boosie, Tory Lanez, and Teddy Riley following his Verzuz battle with Babyface. “Fans love when they can talk to the artist directly. You can also take it a step further and do listening sessions,” Kyree recites. “I highly encourage you to go live with other artists. When you both are on a live together, your followers merge together.” When artists go live with other acts or even social media hubs, there is a mutual benefit of pulling from each audience.

“You can create custom giphys with your logo, or branding on it,” Hollis states. When someone types in your name in the giphy section of their story, your giphy will be present. “This is a good way for branding and a fun way for your fans to promote you.” A simple, but effective tool to plastering your name across the internet.

Lastly, media page buys are the most popular tool and first to come to mind when people think of the world “digital marketing.” Every artist wants to land their snippet or video on Akademiks or WorldStarHipHop just to thousands of people can run to back to their page and flood the comments with fire emojis. “Getting your content posted on pages is a great way to gain new fans and build impressions,” Kyree concludes.

For more insightful information you can contact Kyree @kyreedatsme or his website

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