Michael Louis Maddaloni : I didn’t revolutionize the design, but instead focused on the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

“Working at my father’s boutique, the jewellery and lifestyle of the wealthy clientele had an influence on me,” describes the CEO and founder of the luxury lifestyle brand Michael Louis.

A success story from the feeds of Instagram, with his natural sense of style and entrepreneurial spirit, Michael Louis Maddaloni in his second year at Pace University, created his first post at @michaellouisny to a then relatively new and upcoming social media platform called Instagram. Understanding the concept of this new trend, his daily posts showcasing his significant taste and passion for a luxurious life circling around high end fashion immediately made him an idol among the people around the world with the same sense of lifestyle.

It started with a four-pocket sleek leather cardholder. “The product itself was simple.” Maddaloni explains, “I didn’t revolutionize the design, but instead focused on the quality of materials and craftsmanship.”  Positioning himself and his brand as the international premier luxury leather goods brand, recognized for its collection of everyday essentials such as phone cases, wallets, and key holders and complimentary personalization. 

A huge assortment at Michael Louis is considered a sight to behold; from premium grade genuine pebbled calfskins, to exotics leathers including python, croc and stingray, these leathers are handcrafted into Phone Cases, Card Holders, Key Holders, BiFold Wallets, and Handbags. In the recent months, the high end luxury brand is seeing a major increase in attention coming from around the world. This is a sign of the new reality in luxury retail, with the corona virus pandemic itself creating a growth of 40-70% social media usage and online ecommerce purchases. It’s a success for both luxury brands and luxury consumers, as requests for extravagant products keep on being promptly met. A more extensive population can now afford to purchase luxury goods, which are all the more frequently showcased to these buyers by means of online marketing, and effectively open through e-business. 

The reason the brand has kept on observing development year-over-year, with both new and returning customers, can easily be given to the representation of the products by simply using the highest quality materials and skilled artisans. It’s the nature of the items, however the straightforwardness that has demonstrated to separate Michael Louis from the rest. With the highest level of customer satisfaction and communication the brand has built an efficient and classy brand image around itself, making it the top of the line. 

Website: https://michaellouis.com/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/michaellmaddaloni

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