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Meet social media influencer Patrick Mungovan




Patrick Mungovan has made a name for himself at just the age of 24 using social media.

From his early blog writings to viral social media pranks that have gained international media attention, Patrick Mungovan has done what few have achieved in the social media game. Winner of Upcoming Social Media Star 2019 and Best Snapchatter 2019 – Patrick has captured the attention of young Gen-Z audiences through the clever use of video and imagery using the trendiest apps.

But it’s not just about being an influencer for Patrick. The social media star is a full-time swimming instructor, and shares updates on his life, his thoughts and even favorite food recipes with his fans. And Patrick knows a thing or two about authenticity having built a community of like-minded people across the web through different platforms including Instagram. With his loyal following of people he’s started to see the opportunities opening up to him. In fact, Instagram stars are earning upwards of $10,000 a post with large followings and brand spending on social media is set to increase.

Like many young internet users, the idea of ‘social media fame’ is exciting but it takes time to build an audience, and influencers have to show who they are – otherwise they risk losing their relationships they’ve built over time. People are much more savvy than before, and authenticity counts.

Since the start of the pandemic, people have faced social isolation for months and social media has been an escape for many. Even businesses of all kinds have had to adapt to a work from home approach – but in doing so, many remote workers and freelancers are expressing themselves through social media to tell their story, and developing ‘digital relationships.’

Relationships being the key to online success on social media – Patrick has developed his content game over several years, and connects at a deeper level with his peers. Growing rapidly on Snapchat, and now on Instagram, Patrick has cemented himself as a go-to social media influencer.

Discover Patrick’s latest updates on Instagram and see how he’s connecting to audiences online.

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