Meet Shrinivas Kulkarni, an ace contributor from India, achieving one of the top positions in the world for contributions in IMDB

Shrinivas Kulkarni with his grit and passion have updated and contributed a lot about Indian cinema as well for the world audience to know more.

Looking around us will let us know how different individuals from different parts of the world have been changing the norms of industries for the better. This is because all these individuals, especially youngsters, work relentlessly towards their goal and try to make a powerful impact with what they do. The level at which the digital platforms are growing is a sight to behold, thanks to the pandemic, which has even acted as a boon for the online platforms, bringing people together on the tips of their fingers. Speaking about IMDB, it has been considered as the world’s most influential, powerful and authoritative source of information, ranging with topics of celebrities, TV and the movies. Many people contribute their information on the same and provide people with the required knowledge or information they are in search for.

IMDB is one of the most popular platforms, which is an online database of information consisting of data about programs, TV, video games, celeb content, summaries, ratings, trivia and so much more. Rising to the top in this domain is Shrinivas Kulkarni, who is an ace contributor from India and raring to reach the top position as the world contributor of IMDB. He has made a hatrick with his 3rd year of becoming a top contributor of IMDB from India. His work exudes his love for the movies and the content related to the entertainment world that encourages him to provide the right information on IMDB for all the readers across the world.

He has to his credit more than 70, 000 contributions on IMDB and has provided data for films in different languages like Marathi, Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and Sanskrit. Last year, he created and updated more than 20,400 films of multiple languages; such is his prowess and proficiency as a top contributor.

Meeting Mr Col Needham in 2008, the founder of IMDB, who awarded the Star Contributor Award for IMDB to him, the youngster became even more excited, inspired, and motivated to move ahead in doing these contributions to the medium.

Today, Shrinivas Kulkarni serves as the top contributor in India and is one of the top contributors of the world. For the near future, he aims to provide more information about Indian films and cinema on digital platforms to let the world know more about the same.

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