Meet Ed Latimore A Personal Branding Consultant and Full-time Author

Ed Latimore, a former professional heavyweight boxer and veteran of the U.S. Army National Guard is now a successful personal brand advisor and full-time author. The talented individual prides himself on teaching, helping others to realize their full potential. His expertise ranges from helping someone with reaching sobriety to teaching someone how to grow their Twitter following to everything in between. 

Growing up in public housing and his family in poverty, Latimore met face to face with many difficult challenges. He ended up turning to alcohol and fought with abuse and addiction. Latimore successfully reached sobriety and has been sober since 2013. Now he uses that harsh life experience to touch millions with his work. “There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people make real changes and get real results because they took my advice,” Latimore says. 

As an author, Latimore has self-published multiple books that have wound up on Amazon’s Best Sellers list. His title “Sober Letters To My Drunken Self” even featured atop the addiction category on Amazon. Latimore also has a functioning website ( promoting various self-improvement resources for your benefit.

He is currently working on building a series of membership portals for his website. These portals will be for individuals who are struggling with addiction and recovery, individuals who need help in marketing/promoting themselves on social media, and individuals who want methods for building their physical, mental, and emotional strength. If you need any help in regards to self-improvement, Ed Latimore’s work is a must look.

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