Meet BAD ASS FAM NFT Ladies who are delivering a news to society

Bad Ass Fam NFT is a collection of 7777 NFTs on Ethereum blockchain. Bahareh Salehnia, AKA Bahare with her team are behind these oversized ladies.

Bad Ass Fam is representing body positivity and is planned to be launched in July.

Origin of Bad Ass Fam

Bad Ass Fam NFT collection is inspired by all oversized and plus sized people across the world, showing the support to all ladies and gentlemen. This collection has 7777 unique NFTs to begin minting in July. Bad Ass Fam team is fighting their way to gather the best and supportive communities to come around and show their support to all oversized people and all the difficulties they are facing in society.

What is NFT and what does it have to do with being oversized.

We all heard about NFTs these days. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are kind of cryptocurrency data that are stored on the blockchain. NFTs are each representing a unique asset like a piece of art, digital content, or media. NFTs provide proof of ownership to holders and can be transferred to others using block chain technology.

There are different types of NFT projects all around the world which people are buying and selling them on an everyday basis.

Bad Ass Fam is team designer of these 7777 NFTs and supports body positivity.

Why Should you own one Bad Ass Fam NFT or even multiples.

People are looking for new NFT drops to collect for either the NFT utilities or to trade on after market for profit.

Bad Ass Fam is designed to give some considerable and unique utilities to their holders like dropping merch and having IRL events as well as virtual events in metaverse, donations to organizations helping oversized people, airdroping ETH crypto to their community based on raffles and last notable utility is to give unlimited access to social media growth tool with their amazing knowledge via specific platform only for their holders.

Bad Ass Fam is also tradable on secondary markets like Opensea for those who are enjoying NFT trades.

Where & When To Buy?

The exceedingly expected mint of Bad Ass Fam will take place in July. They have their announcements in their Twitter and Discord. They have whitelist spots available which potential buyers are currently participating in both Twitter and Discord to win the spots.

Lastly to keep yourself up to date you need to check their Website and you can mint your NFT from their Website directly.

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