Ready To Bloom? Melts Infusions Will Soften Your Perceptions Of Plant-Power

Listen up! Your body is speaking, and it’s got plenty of advice to counter conventional protocols. 

When it comes to modern medicine, it can be challenging to find the right remedies for your ailments without dozens of side effects that potentially cause more harm than good. Some things never change, however, and the standing power of herbal antidotes have endured centuries of quiet success among those willing to take the next step for mind, body, and soul. When it comes down to basics, mother nature has nothing to hide.

Sanaz Bahrami, founder and chief wellness champion of Melts Infusions, the botanical extract workshop, sought real solutions to mental health and well-being when she launched her dynamic collection of adaptogenic and nootropic herbal blends, sparking a renaissance in her own routines as well as in others. Based out of Vancouver, Melts Infusions effortlessly brings holistic education and support to familiar hurdles like anxiety and depression, curbing our traditional understandings of how the body operates and the best ways to treat it. With just two scintillating oils and a sea moss capsule in rotation, Melts Infusions has expertly raised the bar for self-care with style and grace, reminding us to put ourselves first and keep our bodies naturally happy, second to none.

The road to self-recovery and discovery for Melts Infusions quickly became a labor of love for Bahrami when she began to understand the scale of her own anxiety during her undergraduate studies. After being instructed to take over-the-counter medication daily and finding little to no results in her brain activity, Bahrami knew there had to be a safer, healthier alternative to these placebos. This inspired further investigation into herbal medicine and the psychology behind ancient Ayurvedic systems, the bulk of which found their way into Bahrami’s entrepreneurial fabric. Bahrami herself holds a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering and repels the addictive qualities that often accompany over-the-counter medications, favoring instead the natural rotations that our bodies adopt when we introduce holistic practices.  


“I want this to become as common a household name as something like CBD,” Bahrami explained. “People deserve to know the benefits of adaptogenic plants and herbs and how effective they can be.”

The application of herbal extracts help to stabilize the body and mind and bring them back into neutral territory, a simple task that many have yet to understand. Bahrami’s background in scientific studies has helped her realize the powerful, sculpting behavior of adaptogens comparatively to Western medicine, and while the latter has certainly made significant strides in human evolution as it relates to wellness, harnessing the strength of nature is a timeless tool that we’ve barely tapped in to, be it from lack of corresponding literature or a lack of understanding.

“The challenge is knowing how to educate,” Bahrami said. “People can be resistant to change because they may see this as some kind of pseudoscience, but it’s a practice we’ve used for centuries.” 

Bahrami shared her first video on TikTok in December of 2020, generating waves of response from curious followers eager to learn more about natural wellness. Her videos are complementary to Melts Infusions and seek to break down the barriers between consumer and creator. On Instagram, Bahrami maintains a similar zeal of authority in holistic health quarters, routinely posting videos that dissect misperceptions surrounding herbal medicine and debunking the buzzwords circulating social media. This kind of approach, full of warmth and compassion for the free-thinkers of the world, is what truly separates Melts Infusions from market competitors. That being said, Bahrami’s line of oils are unique in their target areas, as each mixture irons out the kinks of stress and anxiety without defaulting to psychedelic trimmings. Melts Infusions is completely natural and safe to use for daily support or need-based relief, primarily in those moments where you don’t know where to turn. It all boils down to peace of mind, and knowing that what you ingest is only helping you rather than digging up new obstacles.

When Bahrami began her journey in herbal wellness, it started with a homemade brew of “peace tea”, a proprietary blend of herbs and oils like lavender, nettle, and motherwort, to name a few. This mixture evolved into Melts Infusions’ two signature blends, aptly named “Uplift” and “Unwind”. One is a natural stimulant intended to enhance mood, energy, and focus, while the other is sedative and calming, and they both work wonders together taken day or night. Historically, the ingredients found in Melts Infusions’ extracts were applied for cognitive function, resisting stress, detoxification, and muscle relaxation, respectively. Today, those same ingredients pack a punch worth introducing into your daily cycles, and the fun is only just beginning (yes, they also improve your weekend cocktail).

Presently, Bahrami is making moves to secure their new FDA-approved manufacturing facility as well as roll out into wholesale markets and retail spaces. She continues to share highly insightful videos on TikTok and Instagram that both inspire and enlighten her followers to simply listen to their bodies and make smarter decisions. Melts Infusions has quickly become the standard in wellness support that leads to a balanced mind, body, and soul, offering a bounty of tried-and-true extracts and supplements that reward intuitive behavior. Bahrami aims to change the game of self-care so that we’re the champions of our own chapters and that our stories are forever evolving with each rotation however we see fit. No matter how we play the game, we should always lead with a sharp mind, a melted heart, and a clear path to elevated wellness.  

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