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L-da Wild Opens Up About Her Relationship With Fear




L-da Wild is well-known for both her authenticity and her ability to be whole-heartedly vulnerable within her music. It is impossible to listen to her ballots without pondering the lyrics and finding a way to relate to them. She has a knack for making her listeners think, and a habit of using her own stories to inspire others to live out theirs.

“The best things came from our biggest fears” [Soar] is among the lyrics that L-da cherishes the most. When asked where the words came from, she shared, “The best lyrics are simple, to the point, and so true that it ignites your soul. This lyric might be the truest thing I have ever written, and I know it is so because I have lived through enough fears to understand that anyone who has done anything worth doing absolutely did it afraid.”

L-da holds a unique view on song-writing, and it’s one that will make you not only want to listen to her music, but it will have you hanging off of her every word. She shared, “Song-writing is a responsibility. The lyrics have to move the people, because most of us are desperate for inspiration, and music is too powerful to fall short of that. People need to constantly be reminded how important it is in life to feel scared beyond belief of that thing you want to do, and to just go ahead and do it anyway.”

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