Kieran O’Brien is Helping Automotive Shops Maximize Their Profits Through His Startup,

Kieran O’Brien is the founder of a digital marketing company that assists automotive shops throughout the world maximize their revenue as well as their customer base. Kieran, though only 21,  is also the co-founder/CEO of : a software as a service allowing social media influencers, bloggers and music artists to set a platform for themselves to use real data, among other things, to attract potential viewers, advertisers, or sponsors. wasn’t even a thought until a friend of Kieran asked him to help assemble a media kit of his own. A media kit is a document of sorts which includes application program interface (API) data and Google Analytics. While researching how to create this media kit,  Kieran discovered there was no preexisting information or template to guide him. After successfully creating the media kit for his friend, a plan was made to develop an online tool available to any social media influencer, blogger or recording artist. This tool makes it possible for all users to attract potential sponsors and advertisers.

Kieran and his partner Andrea Khoury, a “mommy blogger”, (as well as the owner of khouryPR in Fairfax), began developing Media Kits in early 2020. This application will launch in February 2021 as the only tool on the market that allows influencers to create EPK’s embedded with real-time data. MediaKits is free to use, allowing Kieran’s team to accumulate a large database of users. Influencers wanting additional information or a more personalized kit can be charged $19.99 a month. Matchmaking capability will soon be available to allow bloggers and influencers to connect with sponsors, artists, etc. Kieran, Andrea and their team continue to generate production and use of their application with hopes to attract at least 10,000 users by the end of 2021.

To start your mediakit, please visit To learn more, schedule a demo, or discuss the funding, please contact Kieran directly:

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