What are Joe Biden’s plans for the early days of his presidency?

From almost two years Joe Biden has been telling Americans his plans to execute on the first day- and the coming 99 if he gets elected as the 46th President of the States. 

In his speeches, interviews, and around 45 plus plans from his presidential campaigns. Moreover, Joe has talked about what he plans to oversee if he wins. 

Joe Biden has spent almost 50 years in governments working hard towards this time. What would he do if he takeover in what he sees as a ‘battle for the nation’s soul’ against Donald Trump? Also, what are his pre-eminence? 

Succeeding chief of White House staff: Ron Klain distributed a note that reemphasized Joe Biden’s intentions to fulfil numerous agreements. The initiative talks about a dozen executive actions Joe Biden can enact on the first day of his office. 

Here is a list of actions that enjoin the new president’s direct attention;

Responding to the global pandemic. 

  • Issuing mask mandatory on the general property and inter-state travel. 
  • Enlarge nationwide restraint on home eviction and foreclosures.
  • Lastly, push for passage of $1.9 trillion COVID relief enacting package announced last week. 

Upturning actions of trump.

  • Rejoin the Paris climate agrement.
  • End the allegedly ‘Muslim Ban’ on travel, which in 2017 restricted the travel and immigration to the States from majorly Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq, and Libya. 
  • Ending Donald Trump’s tax cuts. 

As stated by Klain, the president-elect will continue to set in motion the other executive actions completed within the first two weeks of his presidency. 

Joe Biden in his presidential campaign made other ‘day-one.’ bargains too, here is a list. 

  • COVID-19 response: To rejoin the WHO.
  • Immigration: Send the bill to Congress for legislative immigration reform that will modernize the immigration policy and provide a guideline to approximately 11 million undocumented migrants. 
  • Transgender rights: Abolish the transgender military ban passed by President Trump. Moreover, he will also restore the Obama-era guidance for transgender in schools.
  • Climate shift: Sign governing order to form a plan to attain 100 per cent clean energy economy and net-zero effusion by 2050.
  • Environment: Establish a governing order to conserve 30 per cent of America’s and waters by 2030. 


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