Japan’s Summer Olympic hopes are shrinking?

There’s been a striking rise in cases of coronavirus in Japan’s Tokyo. Thus, the hopes of hosting the Summer Olympic Games has been rekindled. The Olympic Games are planned to open in the city this year in July.

The pandemic has claimed an approximate of 1.6 lives globally. However, Japan has seen only 2,700 deaths so far. Last year December, Japan raised the highest level of health security for the first time. Strict border controls and masks everywhere. Japan, though is not expecting to roll out any vaccine till march.

Japan increased its coronavirus’ state of urgency to cover more than half the residents on Wednesday. This was due to the bursting warnings of extreme pressure on hospitals.

The prime minister there, Yoshihide Suga, has stated the anti-virus preceded in the greater Tokyo region, which is the centre of the latest tides of cases. That anti-virus would be prolonged to include in seven other areas.

Cases of coronavirus are rising throughout Japan and in several other countries in Europe and the USA. With the rise in cases, The International Olympic Committee has begun admitting the holding of safe Games might not be feasible.

Sufferings with the cancellation of Olympics

Besides, the Olympic Committee may have to cancel the Summer Olympics of 2021 forcibly. This would be the first time following World War II. If this happens, the country and the Olympic Organization both will suffer monetarily. More than $12 billion is spent and billions more will if the game is postponed in the next year.

A survey conducted by Japanese broadcaster NHK reveals that nearly eighty per cent of the survey respondents believe that the Games needs to be postponed or cancelled. NHK’s survey was also held in October last year. Then, less than half of respondents said so. But, the figure has risen to seventy-one per cent in just two months.


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