How NU Media is revolutionizing the digital media space

Built on innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction, NU Media was incorporated in 2019 by two female visionaries. Ada Hu is the Founder of NU Media who is expanding her entrepreneurial footprints in the industry with her resilience and knack for excellence. It is a truly international digital agency with a strong knack for investment. Although headquartered in New York, NU Media has footprints in several other parts of the world, including Texas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Xiamen and Guangzhou.

For NU Media, the mission was simple; to create a difference. It wasn’t enough to just create another media agency; Ada and Eva are born disruptors and, with their platform, they are making a huge statement in the industry. NU Media’s main objectives are to help their clients expand new growth opportunities, provide consistent digital presence and top-notch curated marketing services, as well as deliver high-quality leads to their clients.

As the company’s CEO and Managing Partner, Ada Hu emphasizes that NU Media combines expertise and commitment to help businesses- of all sizes- grow and prosper. They provide a supportive hand to help businesses navigate the tough terrains of digital marketing, advertising and brand management. “With grit, consistency and dedication, we have been able to function as an indivisible unit to achieve our goals, and that means helping our clients achieve theirs,” she says.

With their four uniquely structured services of Digital Marketing, Public Outreach, Design and Branding, the NU Media team helps businesses create lasting brand image to attain customer loyalty, as well as maintain positive public relations for sustained growth.

Taking the lead

The world is currently at a critical stage of its evolution, rising slowly from the ashes of the pandemic. With such depressing realities, businesses are striving to get back on track. Now, more than ever, companies need to take advantage of the digital industry and NU Media is leading the pack; helping businesses find their footing in the broad and limitless digital space. Ada says, “companies backed up by digital marketing will naturally achieve growth. The pandemic taught them a huge lesson, certainly”.

Prioritising Growth

The primary essence of NU Media’s existence is to create value. Staying ahead of the curve, every member of the team understands this mission and strives to contribute immensely to the overall goal of excellent service delivery. Consistently striving to deliver, NU Media’s medals are those won by its clients. Though diverse, the work culture at NU Media is ingrained with a passion to help each business, no matter how small, achieve its objectives.

Breaking grounds through teamwork, youthfulness and transparency

Stepping into the hub that is NU Media’s workplace quickly reveals an air of vibrancy. The average age of its team is 26 years. This provides an avenue for groundbreaking ideas and innovations beyond what the conventional firm is used to. “We let each and every one share their ideas freely and collaborate to bring about the best results for our clients,” says Ada. Beyond that, there are no barriers or secrecy with clients. That culture of transparency has helped to ensure candid discussions which have led to outstanding results.

The long list of satisfied clients is a continuing echo of the knowledge, mastery and dedication that NU Media embodies. Although young, Ada and her partner bring a wealth of experience and zeal to the table, combining to forge a movement that is breaking new grounds and blazing a trail in the digital realm.

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