How JIINAN’s Core Values Focus On Saving Our Environment And Planet

What drives us drives the world. We are the single step that our world takes towards the future. And to walk into a future that’s bright and compatible for all, we must choose the direction of our values wisely. For recycled activewear brand JIINAN, the following core values help them keep their focus on the environment.

Be responsible

Responsibility is a virtue. Regrettably, many have come to see it as baggage. That’s unfortunate and not solely limited to how we deal with and manage our waste. Refreshingly, JIINAN, as a company, wants to be held accountable for its actions and the effects they have on the environment. As a result, they have incorporated new practices in their production process. From creating yoga outfits out of bottles found in the oceans to selling their products in recyclable boxes and natural bags made out of cassava, they are indeed putting their money where their mouth is.

Be creative

Eco-consciousness is often perceived as something that comes in the way of general aesthetics. JIINAN has taken up that challenge as well. They believe that by wanting to be environmentally friendly in their approach, process, and products, they are pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. This methodology, instead of limiting them creatively, has expanded the horizon of their imagination. Jessica Sinclair, the founder of the brand, had aesthetics as one of the fundamental markers for her brand. She says, “Just because something is environmentally-friendly doesn’t mean it’s all bland and blasé. It’s a challenge, just as doing anything new always is. It’s all about finding the right people, nurturing the right mindset, and creating an environment that thrives on good design and a sense of balance. This approach has made JIINAN’s active luxury wear look good on the wearer and also on the environment.”

Be committed

Change is not easy. But what makes it possible is the level of commitment one is willing to bring to the table. And commitment is at the heart of JIINAN. They have engaged in intense R&D to develop their product in a way that uses less water and energy. They collaborate with people who think like them and assist in the cause of creating environment-friendly products. Their Balinese manufacturers, for instance, are equally committed to ensuring safety and precaution during their manufacturing process. 

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