From Addict to High Achiever: How Eric Balance Achieved Business Nirvana

If you’ve ever felt like your life’s obstacles were insurmountable, then keep reading because this story may change how you view what’s possible. That’s because a man named Eric Balance broke free from addiction and fear of the unknown to become one of the most successful business marketing gurus in the online world today. 

Eric Balance

Eric Balance is the CEO and founder of Eric Balance Holdings. Eric is a “Conscious Cash Flow Consultant” for entrepreneurs who are aspiring to reach their goals, remain unstoppable, leave a legacy, and look into building a perfect place of peace and happiness. He built his legacy as a coach, a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner, and a high ticket marketing consultant offering nothing but value to his clients. His company focuses on helping conscious, visionary entrepreneurs grow and scale using Eric’s proven Business Nirvana and MRR Method. 

His journey to the top wasn’t easy, though. He started out as a poor kid in Canada and struggled with addiction into his 20s. Thankfully, Eric’s approach has always been to break through challenges he faced: first to overcome addiction, then to graduate in the top tiers of his class as an Accountant, and then finally to launch his own business, Balance Bodies. He attributes his success to mental resilience, focus, and having bigger and more compelling dreams. The mental tools which helped him overcome addiction and figure out how to launch his early fitness business are the same ones he incorporates into his programs today.  

His selfless advice to most start-up entrepreneurs and his approach of offering consultative marketing has led many of his clients to connect with him way beyond just business. Eric is not just a typical marketing expert. Instead, he works by ensuring that he gets to feel his customer’s pain points and, together, he helps them find options to eradicate those pains. As a leader, Eric aims to integrate business concepts, cycles, and processes while blending them with a work-life balance to derive maximum benefits. The results lead to striking a balance between physical health, emotional resilience, and monetary stability. 

Eric’s efforts have led him to grow a significant amount within his niche. Although he had a dark past, his persistence to overcome his challenges and strive to become a role model and a personal achiever is what drives him today. As a result of his impeccable achievements, Eric has been featured in Disrupt, New Theory, and Entrepreneur magazine and been featured on numerous podcasts, including The Brand Doctor, Awakening Entrepreneur, The Kim Barrett Show, and many more.

Eric now focuses on establishing a firm base for his business as he works hand in hand with each of his clients. He advises on the need to put one’s mind on a specific niche and work tirelessly to unravel each mystery that surrounds it. Being a go-getter, Eric believes that everything can be accomplished if you have the right combination of mindset and resources. 

With the help of Eric and his Business Nirvana and MRR Method, you can sign on more clients with ease. Eric also offers free training to help you obtain “freedom” if a 9-5 job feels like a dead end. If you’re looking to scale your business and achieve Business Nirvana today, contact Eric here for more information.

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