Foreign Exchange And Financial Markets Are Difficult To Understand. Nicola Palacios Is An Expert And Wants To Be Your Mentor

Finding balance is something we expect to do in a yoga class or through working on our emotional wellbeing. However, finances can be a crucial part of this mental and emotional wellbeing as well. This is the lesson that Nicola Palacios, born on September 5th, 1998 in Lima, Peru, is giving to his students at Delta. A Chairman 100, Nicola believes that financial balance needs to be part of our triangle for general wellbeing. He shares his story below.

“I strongly believe in the idea of constant evolution, and I encourage everyone to challenge themselves, to break limiting beliefs, and realize their true potential.” Explains Nicola.

Nicola and his team founded Delta in order to help people understand the importance of the market and foreign exchange trading as well as to help people build a balanced lifestyle for business that expands beyond the traditional emphasis on just making money. Nicola believes that if the other two sides of your triangle are not in balance, you will not be able to achieve your full potential. To become a successful entrepreneur, Nicola spent hours studying market data and mastering it.

“For the last two years, I have been studying the financial markets and have over a 1000 hours of chart under my belt. For over eight years, I have spent my life devoted to inspiring and educating the industry of MLM and Network Marketing professionals, to reach success by sharing my proven strategies of sales.” States Nicola.

To many others outside of Nicola’s business, it may seem weird that Nicola wishes to share the secrets of his trade and what made him successful. To Nicola, on the other hand, this is the obvious thing to do because he believes that it is his duty to help others achieve the same financial freedom that he has experienced. His company, Delta, has achieved world recognition for its ability to change lives and help make money for people.

“I am so passionate about teaching and openly sharing the knowledge I have acquired with others. This has made me a highly respected mentor within my industry.” Says Nicola.

On a personal level, Nicola is a successful leader in the business world that is pioneering a path for other entrepreneurs from Latin America. He has achieved coveted positions that only few others from Latin America have achieved. He hopes his path to success can help inspire others and help clear the way for them as well so that they may become world renowned entrepreneurs as he has. 

“I’m in a  position as the #1 trading education network marketing in the world, it’s called IM Mastery Academy. I am a Chairman 100, which is considered a very high rank and there are only three Latin people in the world at this level.” Remarks Nicola.

For those wishing to start their own business and achieve financial success, Nicola recommends starting early because this allows for the biggest amount of flexibility in your life as well as innovative thinking, which can help accelerate your business further than anyone thought possible. It is an excellent time in life to try new things without a lot of risk because you are only beginning to establish yourself.

“18-35 years old is the best time to start a business because this age span is more open to learning unconventional skills and are more inclined to mobile and passive income.” Claims Nicola.

Due to this kind of mentality, Delta has taken off. As previously stated, it is recognized around the world for the kind of lifestyle it is trying to push for others who may not have thought about having to balance their life between work and health. This new kind of entrepreneurship prioritizes bettering yourself as much as the company. It means much more than just the money. 

“Delta is currently one of the biggest personal development teams in the world. All of this is redirected to financial freedom.” Nicola Details.

To find out more about Nicola, you can follow him on Instagram @nicolapalacios. You can also check out more on his company, Delta, at

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