Experiential Performance Art Birthed From Social Behavioural Influence

A performance art that binds you into its delicate, capturing of controlled chance. Follow the growth of this globally sought-after artist @MrDripping.

Social psychologists have taught us that human beings are social beings, deeply dependent on other humans for their multi-need comfort.

Millennials and Gen X have embraced this as opposed to prior generations. This has driven a profound growth in the marriage of experiential factors to all aspects of life. The marriage of experience and art has propelled the patronage of artist Mark Rios a.k.a. @MrDrippingofficial, performing in Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, Sweden, Copenhagen, Dubai, NYC, L.A., and Miami.

His work has been for adverts, event agencies, fashion brands, and hotels. His clients include Chris Brown, Neymar Jr, Major Lazer, Nyjah Huston, Sara Sampaio, Cindy Kimberly, Nieves Alvarez, and many more.

A Symbiotic Evolution

Mr Dripping’s methodology evolved from a dream of melted shapes. His creative process was initially done in isolation but he realized the human value of the performance. Initial performances around Manhattan were extremely successful. His process is high risk as mistakes cannot be hidden so the performer, the art and the observers are bound in the risk of each drop.

Clients book private and public performance portraits, flying him around the world. COVID-19 caused the end of ‘live’ and the entire process is now digital including client interaction. It is documented digitally, then the art piece and the video is shipped to the owner.

Mr Dripping describes his work as “…not a totally free process. It is controlled chaos.” That is the challenge and that is the drama. It is an emotional, demanding, symbiotic confluence of paint, canvas, artist and the living subject.

You too can witness his processes on Instagram @MrDrippingofficial.

His rapt following is growing as his works appear in private collections globally. Art collectors, this is your official tipoff: Follow the experiential genius of Mr Dripping.

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