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Executing his prowess and abilities through his artist development firm is June Jonez




His company “Executive Decisions” is racing ahead in the industry, changing the lives of many artists.

There could be an ocean full of people in this world who could be the reason behind the changing lives of many in different ways and they are the ones who influence and help them in becoming what they seek to become and help them achieve what they desire to. Very few learned and passionate individuals can help people on their path towards success, especially when it comes to the artistic world, where the industry is already full of talented people and audiences always get a dozen full of musical artists each day. However, to make a special place in the industry, it is imperative to take help of experts who can help people find a distinguished place and give them a platform that can make them attain more recognition they truly deserve. One such entrepreneur who through his passion, perseverance and positivity is moving ahead to make a positive difference in the lives of various talented musical artists is June Jonez.

With his aim to develop a platform that speaks about a culture of change, success, and defying odds, Jonez has decided to change the lives and fortunes of many artists, especially the newcomers in the industry. Since his childhood, there was a unique attraction towards the music and entertainment world for Jonez, who made up his mind that he would grow up to be a prominent name in the vast industry.

Jonez was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. This place is famous for the many artists it gives birth to and the many other talented heads of the entertainment industry. Hence, Jonez had to be inclined towards the same, having grown up in an environment that talked about art and music.

His stint into the industry first started being an artist himself and life took a turn for him when it placed him in the management side of the industry. With putting his determined efforts and giving his 100% to his work, he became a popular music manager and since then has never looked back.

His company Executive Decisions is a growing artist development, A&R consulting, and managerial brand. This brand of his has been on the rise in its growth because of Jonez’s pure love and passion for music, business and to expand the many possibilities of a talent that he finds determined, hard-working and highly artistic. As one of the leading brands in music, Executive Decisions represents various talents all through their careers with the help of management representation, entertainment business consulting, and development.

He moved to the South later, to increase Executive Decisions brand awareness and also its catalog filled with talents in the Entertainment and Music industry. Many artists have grown through Jonez and his firm including Rich Gang, Atlantas own Derez DeShon, and rising hip hop artist, G Baby. Jonez’s firm also has been working with leading record labels, namely BMG Global and Commission Music, amongst many others.

Executive Decisions have been working on its unique approach of representing a change in music, pop culture and entertainment, which has paved the way for the success of every artist it manages and works with.

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