Do betting techniques work?

There are a number of different betting techniques available to gamblers that can help them to win money when placing bets with sportsbooks and online casinos. Deciphering the long list of terminology and betting features now available to punters is more extensive than ever, but it mainly boils down to two main types of betting techniques which include the ever-popular arbitrage betting and matched betting methods, with punters having been able to rake in vast sums of cash in the past.

However, do these popular betting techniques still work as well as they once did? Or have bookmakers and sportsbooks found ways to clamp down on these forms of betting?

What is arbitrage and matched betting?

Admittedly, I had no idea what arb betting was, until I came across this guide on Gamble USA.

Firstly, it is important to know what arbitrage and matched betting are and why so many have turned to these popular betting methods over the years. Of course, the guide on Gamble USA is a great place to start when trying to learn about the two techniques.

Arbitrage betting is where bettors will simply lay a bet on all the possible outcomes of a sporting event to make a profit regardless of what may actually happen. This is achieved by ‘arbing’, which will see bettors using different bookmakers to make the bet, as each one will have different opinions and provide different odds on each outcome possible.

Matched betting is a similar process to arbitrage betting, although bettors will look to cover all potential outcomes of an event in order to qualify for free bets and bonuses for a very little amount of money. In turn, if completed successfully, they will then be able to turn over a decent sized profit. There is no risk involved in this betting technique. 

Betting techniques have proven to work

There have been a number of instances to suggest that matched betting and arbitrage betting works and can provide a significant source of income for those that understand the techniques used expertly.

Although this can take time, there are many different resources available on the internet that can help provide insights, tips, cheats and tricks to help maximise the potential success that can be had.

Difficulties encountered using betting techniques

Of course, there are a number of difficulties that can be encountered when looking to use arbitrage and matched betting techniques.

Things such as having a rather large bankroll are recommended to begin with, which is not always something that is possible, whilst there is a speed element that is needed as well; again, something that will require practice and time.

Other factors that make these betting techniques hard to sustain at times are the fact that they can be rather tedious and boring, as they essentially remove all the fun that can be had from betting, whilst bookmakers and sportsbooks that pick up on these methods being used will quickly look to ‘gub’ (close) accounts as they do not want to be losing any more money where possible.


As mentioned, betting techniques such as arbitrage betting and matched betting can still work as well as ever, although punters looking to do it will need to be aware of certain factors that could hamper their experiences. However, by putting in the time and effort, as well as learning the betting techniques to a high-level, there is no reason as to why they cannot work.

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