Biggest US sport events in history

There have been countless great sports events in the history of American sport. Which have been the biggest producing astonishing sporting moments?

Of course, in the past, it’s not been possible to place bets on the great sporting events that will be listed in this article. That’s all changed in recent years with many states legalizing betting on sport, particularly online. 

Remember though, it’s important that if you do want to indulge in some online sports betting it’s important to find out as much about the site you wish to register with. Just imagine if you’d been able to bet on events such as these below.

1980 Winter Olympics

It’s not always the number who attend a sporting event that make it a truly memorable one. February 1980 saw the US hosting the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Ice hockey is always one of the most popular sports, but America weren’t the favourites to win the gold medal. With Russia beating the US 10-3 in a recent meeting, a silver medal seemed to be the best the Americans could hope for.

As usual the two countries weren’t bosom buddies, especially after Russia had invaded Afghanistan. Any win over them was to be celebrated and in a massive shock, America won 4-2, after trailing 3-2 to shock the world in a win that many have described as miraculous.

The Super Bowl

It doesn’t really matter what the year is, any Super Bowl grabs the attention of the nation. Those who love American Football put their worries aside to watch this NFL Championship match. Others just tune in to see the spectacular half-time show and trailers for upcoming movie blockbusters. 

The Fight of the Century

Many fights have been given this title but only one totally deserves it. On March 8, 1971, World Heavyweight Champion Joe Frazier put his title on the line against ‘The Greatest,’ Muhammad Ali. The challenger had been stripped of his title after refusing to fight in the Vietnam war. Now back in the ring, the unbeaten Ali took on Frazier who had also not lost a professional fight. The Madison Square garden fight saw Frazier win on points. It may not have had the ridiculous amounts paid nowadays in professional boxing, but this was a fight that will never be forgotten.

The NBA Final

Week in, week out, teams from all over America and Canada battle it out on the basketball court. Split into the Eastern and Western Conference, they play well over 100 games just to get into the play-offs. 

Eventually, both conferences crown their champions who then meet in the NBA Final. It’s a best-of-seven series and everyone wants it to get to 3-3. That leaves us with a one-off decider to determine the NBA champions. That’s a match that grabs the attention and is one of the biggest sports events in the US throughout the whole year. Just imagine what it’s like now, when betting on the matches is now possible. 

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