Conversation-Driven App Sweet Pea Takes The Guesswork Out of Dating

Long gone are the days when online dating was once considered taboo. Within the past several years, dating trends have shifted on a massive scale while apps continue to see a rapid influx of users seeking out connection, intimacy and love. In an industry marked by perpetual swipes, physical attractiveness and bios that teeter between wit and coquetry, one dating app is taking a different approach by returning to the root of all connections. Online platform Sweet Pea is helping people capture the chemistry of real-life dating by reclaiming the power of sincere conversations.

Launched in 2018, the dating service provides users with an opportunity to showcase their personalities and engage in stimulating conversations—a stark contrast to competitors who over-index on profile pictures and 20-word “About Me” sections. Rather, Sweet Pea breaks through conventional ideas of e-dating by highlighting features such as “Ice Breaker” questions, videos, storytelling, “Wingman” and Q&As. It’s a nice change of pace for those of us who have come to dread the achingly banal “lol wyd?” DM.

In alignment with the company’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and empathetic social environment, Sweet Pea embraces all identities by allowing users to choose from over 20 gender preferences. The app has also taken measures to ensure a safe dating environment by integrating a “Hush” feature that flags offensive messages (in which case users can decide whether or not to reply).

More recently, Sweet Pea has introduced an ambassador program as part of an ongoing effort to strengthen its growing community. An initiative composed of 30 ambassadors based across the country, from California to New York City, Sweet Pea is seeking college students from all backgrounds to apply; ideal candidates should be excited and open to building deeper connections. At its core, Sweet Pea reminds us of how important it is to nurture healthy, loving relationships without having to sacrifice a stable self-concept. Those interested in collaborating are invited to DM Sweet Pea (@sweetpeaapp) on Instagram.


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