Christie Smith is Unleashing Art in Laguna Beach

“I feel the need to create, to create for the sole purpose of connection…to myself and to others.” Christie Smith—former LPGA golf professional, present-day artist.

Born in Oxford, Alabama, Christie Smith was always naturally drawn to sports and athletics. Having a competitive drive, Christie even made a career out of her athletic ability and became an LPGA golf professional for many years. While for many of us the biggest change we make is choosing a new major in college, this golf star made a transition later in life. After a successful career, she began exploring her artistic ability. Going from one area of expertise to the next, Christie Smith is the definition of girl-bossing your way through life.

After experiencing several mediums and artistic styles, Christie developed a love for painting and photography. Focusing mostly on resin, Christie has developed her own artistic style. She portrays her feelings through her work as an artist. Every artist has a style that they can personally relate with, and for Christie that involves art that tells a story, art that gives a serene tone. One of her main focuses and inspirations is ocean art. In her large art gallery as well as on her social media you are able to see wonderful, colorful pieces that portray exciting ocean scenery.

Every artist has an artistic inspiration, and usually, they are able to relate to that inspiration on a personal level. As Christie explores her artistic talent and delivers breathtaking pieces to her audiences, she is not only telling the story behind the ocean, but also the story behind her life. Just as the ocean itself is bold and daring, Christie is a bold and daring artist who took a tremendous leap of faith when altering her life path from golf star to an artist.

Located in Laguna Beach, California, Unleashed Art Gallery showcases original paintings and artfully inspired gifts by the artist and owner herself, Christie Smith. It is not often that the owner of the gallery is the artist as well, but this in itself showcases the determination and drive of this artist. The gallery is a welcoming space where one can stop by and enjoy the artwork. Aside from original pieces, the gallery offers gifts you can buy for loved ones such as custom cutting boards and coasters. Christie offers custom pieces for those who wish to invest in something a little bit more personalized.

One of the most unique aspects of Unleashed Art Gallery is how customer service based they are. They offer commission art, where you are able to get in contact with the artist herself and express what your artistic vision is for a piece in mind. The artist, Christie Smith, will work with you one on one to deliver an exceptional custom-made artwork with your vision in mind. This is a very rare feature that is not often offered by art galleries, but definitely something to take advantage of. From commissions to commercial artwork, Christie Smith is a well-rounded artist who knows how to use numerous types of media to deliver unique and mesmerizing artwork.

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