California’s Leading Graphic Designer Neo Tran Spills The Secrets of the Craft!

Neo Tran, a digital graphic design and UI/UX Designer who has been one of the most in-demand artists!

Whether it is working with e-commerce brands, tech companies or even law offices, the diversity of his work has been proven to get his clients the results they seek through his vision and designs. 

Neo graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in graphic design and a minor in entrepreneurship, and during his time in college he was also trained in design with UI/UX. From his education he learned to understand and empathize with users and was trained to solve these pain points with a beautiful, proven user interface. 

We sat down with the extraordinary designer to learn more about the secrets to his craft and about the graphic design industry as a whole as we head out of the pandemic here in California.

1. How has the graphic design industry changed since the pandemic here in California?

Graphic Design has shifted to be more digitally focused since the pandemic began. Before the pandemic there were needs for trade shows, printed marketing collateral for events, promotional events, ect,… that’s when there were more demands for printed materials like posters, brochure, flyers, banners, etct… During the pandemic I could see the focus of the industry has shifted into more digital space. There were suddenly more demands for social media posts, email marketing, etc… There also was a shift in attitude between employers and contractors in remote work. Suddenly there was an influx of companies from all over the U.S were looking for designers who are not local. What I could see was remote work has become more and more acceptable in my line of work.

2. What type of clients do you work with here in California?

I’ve been working with multiple of clients from a wide array of industry. From E-commerce, entertainment, law tech, soap making to at-home workouts companies. I do enjoy the variety of clients I have in California. I used to live in Los Angeles and I do appreciate a lot of opportunities in the entertainment industry. I have experience working with Ring, Dr.Squatch, Evolus, Simpluris, BeachBody, LAist.

3. What motivated you to want to get into this line of work?

I’ve always been motivated by the urge to improve things. I love to solve problems. I love solving problems and find a beautiful, fitting solutions for those problems with designs. Also I like helping others communicate better what they need to communicate. Graphic Designs is a form of communication my job is to convey what my clients would like to express to their audience.

4. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I would love to be working in a team of designers. I would like to lead more projects. I feel it’s best to work with other designers and your peers because you get ideas and inspirations from them. I want to still have a wide variety of clients because I want to learn more about each industry I’m working for. 

5. Tell us about all and any experiences you have had here in California either personally or professionally?

People in California are so friendly and willing to work with you to solve the problem. I’ve never had bad experience working with anyone. People have a positive attitude about work and high career ethics. People here are also very ambitious, and some of the best people I have met are self-made artists, designers, entrepreneurs, it’s something quite unique that the golden coast has to offer. You can’t quite find the same talent pool somewhere else. 

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