Ibiza View Club – An Exclusive NFT For Exclusive Fans of Ibiza

Visionary entrepreneurs have bought the Ibiza View Club patrons new ways to celebrate and innovate themselves with time. The NFTs they are offering are meant to celebrate and invest in the local community as well as support the vast digital asset global community. The unique NFTS are community based to promote the vibrancy of the exotic Ibiza. Meant to be a local community investment, the NFTs will attract the holders to the beauty and charm of Ibiza. Carried forward the NFTs will be priced higher and give the holders many luxurious services.

The NFT Holders Gain

With the NFT the holder’s capabilities will grow with them getting the online governance of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). With this authority they will be able to exercise voting rights as shareholders of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and have the capability to upload and exchange the NFTs in the marketplace.

The price will be allocated by the market where they can interact with the other community members freely. The NFT holders will be getting multiple opportunities to win raffles for prizes. They will gain the VIP seats for local events in the Ibiza community and exclusive access to restaurants.

The NFT Like No Other

What sets this NFT apart from others is how community oriented and community centered it is. The Ibiza View Club is known for their community focus. How rooted it is to lend support to the local community and celebrate their vibrant and exotic nature.

It is important for the club to be rooted and engaged in community with relatable content thus the NFT holders will be given products and services at affordable prices and they will gain unique, authentic views and experiences. In future the versatile assets, the NFTs, are expected to appreciate to a value of more than 2.5 ETH which will enable the holders a luxury vacation in Ibiza to celebrate the success of the collection without financial compensation.

Future Of The NFT Collection

With the NFT appreciating in the future to expected 5 ETH, the makers will reinvest their profits. Longevity is important for them. They are committed to the long-term value and versatility of their NFT collection, merchandise, and community. Thus their vision is to reinvest profits to keep Ibiza View Club bustling with innovations and growth.

They will offer more with each growth they experience. For instance they are setting aside 10% of royalties for the future project needs. This will  allow the community members a free mint for NFT holders on all the future collections.

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