Californians Are Quieting Their Distractions and Awakening Their Ambitions

These days you never know what is going to happen. Whether it’s work, the pandemic or just some smaller simpler stuff, the world is an unpredictable place, especially here in California with so many changes happening weekly.

Well, one thing that isn’t unpredictable is a new all-natural pill that is awakening Californians up to give them the energy to get through whatever life throws their way.

ClariGenZ, which was just introduced to the market earlier this year by a team of American doctors and specialists, is the world’s safest all-natural formula to increase, maintain, and restore energy levels on demand within just 30 minutes. Pretty neat stuff!

We sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with Mick Emandi, one of the brilliant minds behind the “Limitless”-type style pill to learn more about it and its expansion to the California marketplace.

1. How has the expansion of ClariGenZ been across the US and across California this year?

ClariGenZ Focus Plus+ has been exponentially growing across the US; especially in California where there’s a desire for products that support a healthy lifestyle!  For decades, people have only had access to health damaging prescription drugs such as Adderall & Modafinil to address their ADHD symptoms. That doesn’t take into account the massive black market use of these drugs our 9-5 staff, entrepreneurs, athletes, working moms and students.  For the nearly 50 million+ Americans that use such drugs off-label for productivity and performance enhancement to achieve superpower level focus and motivation, they now have a safe, all-natural fast acting alternative without needing a doctor visit or medical supervision.  After just 30 minutes of taking Focus Plus+, you start to feel motivated and want to dive into your most important tasks. After just 1 hour you are in a state of intense focus & concentration and in your “zone.” No jitters. Just a calm flow state. By hour 6, you look back and see all you did and say to yourself, “holy crap! Did I really get all of that really done?”

2. What types of people are buying and using it?

Typically, those who are already taking prescription stimulants and are addicted to caffeine and energy drinks are using and switching to Focus Plus+.  For those who need to be at the top of their game like entrepreneurs and self employed go-getters, being motivated and focused all day is the difference between success and failure.  Professional and amateur athletes who depend on fast reflexes, strategy and calculating all variables to win can benefit greatly.  Plus ClariGenZ™ is 100% stimulant & drug free.

People who need to work long hours, problem solve and be at their peak level of concentration can benefit greatly. This includes coders, financial services professionals, IT professionals, traders, and engineers.

College, medical, law and grad students use ClariGenZ™ to ace their exams and excel at school while juggling social, academic and work priorities.

With millions on the line, now even professional gamers have to think faster and move quicker consistently for 6-8 hours with intense concentration and problem solving to be at the top of their game. They just cannot afford to be jittery or even crash after loading up on energy drinks. 

Even our multi-tasking moms and people working 9-5 who have to juggle home life, career and personal life need ClariGenZ™ to get more done in less time such as that To Do list with that feeling of accomplishment.

ClariGenZ™  really is an amazing opportunity for most people to overcome their obstacles and daily challenges to become productive and successful.

3. Your product has also helped those addicted to adderall help wind off it. Why do you believe this is?

Last year, Dr. V. Rao Emandi discovered an incredibly rare compound, known as “BioCitroid™ and his team formulated the 1st ever, all natural (made from orange peels), nootropic supplement called Focus Plus+ to provide On-Demand focus, memory, cognition and motivation without any jitters, side effects or crash.  It works in just 30 minutes and last 5-6 hours and is really quite amazing! 

BioCitroid™ is an all natural botanical patent pending extract derived from the terpenes of a special strain of blood orange only available in Southeast Asia, making it as safe as an orange to ingest.  Our revolutionary cyclic terpene extraction process is so expensive that one ounce of BioCitroid™ is worth more than one ounce of gold, hence the nickname “Nootropic Gold”. But by investing millions into mass production, we were able to bring the cost down significantly. 

In testing the application & viability of ClariGenZ Focus Plus+, we found that patients in our 25,000 patient practice, with ADHD, taking addictive prescription stimulants such as Adderall and others who were taking it for performance enhancement (whether from a doctor or from a “friend”) unanimously reported ClariGenZ™ Focus Plus+ to have the same beneficial effects as Adderall, but without the detrimental side effects.  ClariGenZ’s Focus Plus+ is available through our website without a prescription.  Our flagship product is ClariGenZ Focus Plus+ but we also have a “Turbo” version to cater to the needs of different sports and fitness markets for faster reflexes and quicker decision making while in the game. 

ClariGenZ Focus Plus+ patent pending, BioCitroid ingredient and proprietary formulation triggers an almost immediate brain chemical cocktail of dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin epinephrine & norepinephrine. These 5 intelligence hormones serve to enhance the frontal cortex function of the brain – the area that manages higher level executive functions to prioritize many streams of information, tasks & achieve goals faster & better.  By triggering focus and clarity and making use of key amino acids, anxiety levels plummet and the rise of dopamine levels and the other brain hormones help elevate and offset the mood of those who are depressed, apathetic or unmotivated.

No spike in blood pressure. No pounding heart rate. No jitters, crash, mood swings, restlessness or even insomnia.  Just clean focused energy.  And because ClariGenZ™ Focus Plus+ is non-habit forming by nature, it offers those with dependence issues a safer, natural alternative. You get all the benefits of prescription stimulants without the side effects. It truly has the ability to make one “Limitless”.

4. Tell us more about the team behind your ground-breaking capsule?

Our founder, Dr. V. Rao Emandi is a world renowned Cancer Specialist and also the founder of WellCare HMO which was recently acquired for 17 billion. He discovered the efficacy for BioCitroid as a viable alternative to the off-label use of Adderall for productivity and performance enhancement.  Dr. Greg Carder is a prominent integrative medicine physician and together with our Medical Director, Dr. Mike Van Thielen, formulated our Focus Plus+ and Turbo products.

5. Which regions in California are using ClariGenZ the most?

There has a tremendous demand in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland and Irvine but other areas seem to be picking up as well.

6. What other things here in California do you have planned for the rest of 2022?

We just sponsored the the 58th Annual Cinema Audio Society Awards in Hollywood and attended Elton John’s Academy Awards party in Hollywood.   We have developed some great relationships with some celebrities.  We are looking to work with a California non-profit to bring awareness to our young adults about the dangers of amphetamine medications like Adderall and are teaming up with some celebrities to do so.   We are also looking to partner with a California sports team & prominent athletes to promote our new Turbo line for next level athletic performance!

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