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California Music Artist SNSG Successfully Bridges The Gap Between Hip Hop and Cryptocurrency




Because of its connection to the Doge-inspired token, a rapper has written a song which SHIB buyers have dubbed the ‘Shiba Inu Anthem.’

“Shiba Inu to the moon, we’ll be rich real soon,” raps SNSG feat. Acey in the song “Madness.”

California Hip Hop artist SNSG talked with Planet Crypto on the idea to incorporate a lyric about Shiba Inu.

SNSG claimed the passion he and his family have for cryptocurrency was the basis for his Shiba lyric. He spoke about the “joys and laughs” they had calculating their profits if SHIB ever touched $0.01.

The Shiba community was also commended by the rapper, who described it as “one of the strongest communities I’ve ever seen.”

“With the hype and excitement for Shiba Inu, and seeing everyone in the community come together and believe in something, it was only right I tried to do my part,” he commented.

SNSG responded to suggestions that “Madness” was a “Shiba Inu Anthem,” saying he was delighted people appreciated it. “I’m just happy to try and give the ShibArmy a voice.”

SHIB and music have been combined before, but SNSG is the first to achieve this level of success. Bigger Entertainment created a ‘SHIB BURNER’ playlist to aid with the burning of SHIB. SNSG said that this is “absolutely something I’m prepared to do to help the community,” and requested that anybody who can assist them in getting on the SHIB BURNER playlist contact them.

In terms of the music business as a whole, SNSG feels that musicians might have “huge success” with cryptocurrency, particularly if they package NFTs with their songs. “I think it’s a step forward instead of letting major record labels take most of the profit,” he commented. “More power to the Artist!”

SNSG’s To The Moon EP along with his breakout single “Madness” is available on YouTubeSpotify, and Apple Music.

More About Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has always done things a little differently. Its creator, Ryoshi, locked half of the supply in Uniswap and “burned” the other half to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin for safekeeping.

To aid in the fight against Covid-19’s deadly spread in India, VB has used SHIB to make the world’s biggest crypto gift, and then burnt 40% of its entire supply to a dead wallet, assuring our long-term success and stability. Ryoshi says it best: ““Thank you to the woofmeister for enabling true decentralization. Now we truly begin.”

Its basic currency, the Shiba Inu token, enables investors to store millions, billions, or even trillions of it in their wallets.

SHIB’s value has skyrocketed and is continually growing its reach due to its worldwide reputation and real usefulness. ShibaSwap, the creator’s proprietary DEX, is the first to list and reward SHIB.

ShibaSwap is the greatest place to buy and sell SHIB and LEASH, but they’re also available on Uniswap and a growing number of CEXs. Please keep in mind that exchanges that support one may not support the other outside of ShibaSwap.

SHIB is a decentralized experiment, hence their constant encouragement to utilize DEXs. If you decide to use a CEX instead, make sure you do your homework beforehand to guarantee it is both safe and secure.

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