Billionaire Business Owners who did not Complete University

What does it take to become a successful business owner today? Do you have to be a graduate of a well-known university or college? Do you need to have money to start a business?  

…and many other questions have been asked over the years to famous entrepreneurs who created recognized brands and today are the owners of multi-million/billion companies. Some of them completed their studies in higher education and others dropped out of the university or school to follow their path and started to implement their business ideas. 


Is a University degree necessary for success?

A University degree doesn’t predetermine that you will be successful. The lack of higher education didn’t stop famous successful people to start their own start-up business in the past. Probably you have it already in your mind: a well-known man or woman who became a popular business person in history. People who dropped out of universities or failed to attend and people who either didn’t obtain any degree at all or quit high school. 

Famous Entrepreneurs in history who succeed without a college degree

Bill Gates, one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs and co-founder of Microsoft, admitted that he dropped out of Harvard to follow his business idea. In his interviews, he explains how he managed to build his company with his friend Paul Allen, and how they managed to become successful and important personas in the tech world. Bill Gates has said that if you want to taste success, you should be focused on your goals and don’t be afraid of taking risks. He also has mentioned that a smart person creates and builds strong collaborations. 

Speaking of successful people in history, it should be mentioned the Charles Culpeper and his legacy ‘Coca-Cola’. Charles Culpeper owner and CEO of Coca- Cola, dropped out of high school and created one of the most famous brands in the history of non-alcohol soft drinks. His legacy is another excellent example of no- higher educated people who thrived in the business world. 

Do you eat at McDonald’s? Then you probably know the famous restaurant entrepreneur Raymond Albert Kroc or known to everyone as Ray Kroc who bought McDonald’s and turned into a multi-million company. What probably you don’t know is that he previously worked as a salesman and he never attended school. 

Social Media fan? Then you might know the internet entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Twitter Evan Williams. He finished high school and he attended the University of Nebraska only for a year. He never graduated, instead, he pursued his career following his talent in the computer programming and internet world. 

Women in Business without a higher education degree 

Who is the Indian billionaire Savitri Jindal? She is one of the richest women in India. Her husband was the founder of the Jindal Group steel company. After her husband died, she took over the company and became the chairwoman. She also was an important political figure as she was elected many times to serve as Minister. Savitri Jindal didn’t attend higher education. 

The American female entrepreneur, Anne F. Beiler, businesswoman and multimillionaire founder of Auntie Anne’s pretzels, started by making roll- hand pretzels at the market stand of Maryland. Without previous business experience, she opened more places and named them as Auntie Anne’s pretzels. For many years she had small stores around in Pennsylvania. She didn’t graduate from high school and she left her studies after completing the 8th grade. 

The American young businesswoman Ashley Quallins became a successful entrepreneur from an early age of 14. She made her hobby profitable by founding Ashley Quallins originated the website in the basement of her house and got help from her family and friends. Her website took rapid publicity and in 2007 she had over 7 million visitors and more than one million revenues. She attended school but didn’t obtain a university diploma. 

As Luigi Wewege, an offshore banking leader with Caye International Bank says: “You will be surprised to know who owns some of the most wealthy investment funds and vehicles in the world. Academia suddenly becomes less of a factor when it comes to owning a business”. 

Many more…

 In history, you will find more entrepreneurs who successfully started with a small business idea and created legacies. People who started on their own without money and people who were helped by their family. All the people mentioned above didn’t complete formal education and didn’t get a university diploma. They had in common the passion and strength to follow their dreams using their talents and taking risks. All of them have success stories and not a college degree.

Start your own business

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