Top Management Schools in the California – 2022 Rankings

Every management-related degree has the invaluable knowledge of management of time, human, and resources at its core. Management courses are expected to build and/ or sharpen students’ leadership skills, innovation, create healthy self-esteem, and improve their humanity. This should lead to great improvement in the employability of candidates in the ever-changing and advancing labor market. 

These ten universities have survived the rough year by offering unparallel classes to their in-campus and online students, encouraging and enhancing good foundations of management studies, and securing highly sought internships and attachments in management firms that have provided them with perfect balanced skills, knowledge, and confidence to apply what they learned in their study to work after graduation. Their graduate employment prospects remained significantly top-notch as firms in California often seek job applicants from these schools.

After multiple fact-checking, the Anderson School of Management from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and the Rady School of Management of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) retained their positions as in the previous years. This corroborates the fact that Anderson School of Management is indeed California’s top management school as it continues to secure first position in the annual management school ranking. 

Interestingly, the Graduate School of Management from the International American University (IAU), which is considered a young university, emerged third place in the ranking. This is an impressive performance that shows that IAU understands its assignment and is ready to put it to work. Compared to the previous years, the ratio of student/faulty distribution has significantly reduced and the acceptance rate increased. 

Also worthy of note is the School of Management from the University of San Francisco (USF) moved up the ladder from eighth place in the previous year to fifth place this year. In the coming years, the emergence of USF’s School of Management as one of the top management schools in California would not come as a surprise to many. Through dedication to work, they have been able to provide quality education at an affordable price which is helping to shape tomorrow’s leaders today. 

Highlights of the management schools ranking 2022

2022 Top 10 Management Schools in California 



Management School


University of California, Los Angeles

Anderson School of Management


University of California, San Diego

Rady School of Management


International American University

Graduate School of Management


California Lutheran University

School of Management


University of San Francisco

School of Management


Notre Dame de Namur University

School of Business and Management


DeVry University

Keller Graduate School of Management


Claremont Graduate University

Drucker School of Management


Alliant International University

California School of Management and Leadership


Azusa Pacific University

School of Business and Management


The top three schools selected as the best schools of management proved faculty resourcefulness across educational and social activities in their institution. All ten universities provide updated knowledge that is useful from the industry point of view and has good placement opportunities for students. Other factors considered in the process of ranking are alumni support, fees and financing, specialisation and exchange programs, ranking on other areas, infrastructures, first-year student rate retention, and expert opinion.

Beyond the ability to thrive in the competitive world, trained young managers are prepared with the necessary skills to sustain themselves in diverse workspaces that also comprise evolving technologies. 

For this reason, ranking the best management schools in California through quantitative and qualitative research is one of the best help anyone can render to prospective young managers who would love to study in the state. As the custom is, the ranking has picked the ten best management schools in the state of California out of the hundreds of management schools and universities that were available to local and international students. 


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