How Jay Ferrer, AKA Jay Kinda Funny’s passion led him to become a global trendsetter

Turning your passion into your profession is a rare accomplishment and takes plenty of ambition, discipline, dedication, resilience, and creativity. However, when your passion leads you to become a global trendsetter, you have become a rare breed of person. Jay Ferrer, AKA Jay Kinda Funny, is one such individual whose drive and sense of purpose led him to places relatively few expected he’d travel. Yet, as the funny man from the Bronx points out, “He who laughs last, laughs longest.” 

Jay Ferrer explained, “When a lot of people realize you’re in the business of making people laugh, they tend not to take you seriously. This is a huge mistake. Just because I always play for laughs doesn’t mean I’m not deadly serious about what I do. I’m extremely passionate about humor and always have been. Having the opportunity to make people laugh is pretty special because it brings individuals together, breaks barriers, crosses divides, and provides a rock for people to cling to when they need it most. To do that on a global scale is a dream come true.”

Since high school, Jay Ferrer has had a natural ability to make people laugh. The videos he spent his every waking hour creating would have friends and families in hysterics. His way with words also saw him mastering the art of the pun, and his catchphrases have since become legendary. His Snapchat “Jay All Day” has attracted 22 million followers in the space of a year for a reason. And that’s because he’s effortlessly funny and has a real passion for making people laugh. 

Jay Ferrer added, “Laughter, to me, is like a drug. It makes the world a better place. When people are laughing, they forget their everyday troubles and woes and feel part of something bigger. Humor is very much a collective thing, and I’m extremely proud to play my part in it.” 

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