Best Health Insurance for Senior Citizens: Here’s 8 Things to Consider

The pandemic has highlighted our struggles in handling medical emergencies. It has shown that every person is vulnerable and at risk. With medical inflation, it would be prudent to invest in health insurance. This also iterates the need for the best health insurance for senior citizens. With age, people become vulnerable to a myriad of ailments. The cost of management also increases due to the need for consistent and extensive care. Hence, while choosing a health insurance plan for yourself or elders, it is crucial to consider a plan which covers a broad spectrum of illnesses. 

Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

As the name suggests, health insurance for senior citizens provides coverage for elders above 60 years. The policyholders can avail the policy for their entire life by paying an annual premium. This policy is designed to take care of the specific needs of the seniors. This could offer comprehensive coverage right from diagnostics, hospitalization, post-care and master health check-ups. The purpose of this policy is to help them enjoy their sunset years without any financial constraints. Therefore, it is imperative to consider these features to select the best policy.  

Coverage for Critical Illness 

Senior citizens are more vulnerable to critical illnesses such as paralysis, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. In addition, they require consistent monitoring and care, which significantly increases the medical bills. Hence, make sure to look for the best health insurance for senior citizens that provide extensive coverage for critical illnesses.

Domiciliary Care

It is pretty standard for doctors to prescribe domiciliary care for senior citizens. This helps them to seek the necessary medical attention from the comfort of their homes. But, of course, the best health insurance for senior citizens will always cover this feature.

Coverage for a Pre-Existing Illness

There is a strong possibility that senior citizens have diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. The insurance companies would consider them as pre-existing illnesses. The premium is relatively high as they are a high probability of hospitalization. The best health insurance for senior citizens would offer the best deal with an economic premium and medium waiting period. 


A co-payment clause means that the policyholder bears a certain percentage of the medical expenses, and the insurance company pays the rest. The stipulated amount for co-payment varies from one company to another. Therefore, it would be prudent to choose the best health insurance for senior citizens to get the ideal deal. 

Waiting period

Policyholders might not be able to avail the insurance benefits during the waiting period. This duration would depend on the policy and the company. Always choose the policy with the minimal waiting period for elderly care. 


Sub-limit is a cover of how much a person can claim for a particular medical expense. The best health insurance for senior citizens policy comes with certain sub-limits. It would be prudent to check these regulations well in advance. 

Network Hospitals 

Do check for the empanelled hospital network under the health insurance policy for senior citizens. Ensure that the hospitals covered under the policy are located at nearby locations so that senior citizens can avail immediate assistance in case of an emergency. 

Sum Insured at Affordable Premium Rate 

The primary purpose of the best health insurance for senior citizens plan is to reduce medication costs. Therefore, it is essential to know about sum insured and premium payment methods that lessen your burden. In addition, Care Health Insurance offers automatic recharge of sum insured with lifelong renewability.

Senior citizens can avail of tax exemption up to Rs. 50,000, under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961 for health insurance policies. Additionally, as per IRDAI regulations, wherever applicable, a senior citizen policyholder must be given the option to change their TPA. Therefore, to choose the best health insurance for senior citizens policy, look for most benefits at a low premium amount.

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