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Professional Singer, Leslie Austin’s Latest Single “Burned” Tells the Tale of her Own Life




Everyone has suffered due to the pandemic. Many have suffered emotionally, many have lost their loved ones, and many have lost their income source. But despite all odds, people have shown great courage. Leslie Austin is one of the brave hearts who has made it through the pandemic. This experience has made her stronger and wiser.

Recently, she has released her new single, “Burned,” from her upcoming EP. This song is based on her own life experiences. Leslie was living the dream in LA of making music and had what she thought was a soulmate connection. But soon, all that came crashing down. The person who she thought was her soulmate cheated on her. It wasn’t once, but all the time, that person had been playing her.

The truth broke her, and it took her immense strength to overcome the pain. At the same time, the pandemic hit, and all her income sources came to a halt. So she decided to drive back to her hometown in Dallas for the time being.

Leaving most of her belongings behind in storage, she has worked hard on her music releasing this single from her upcoming EP, and is ready to continue her career back in LA.

Her new single, “Burned,” is about how Leslie got burned by the man who she thought was her soulmate. This song has a powerful beat. It has a retro feel, giving Amy Winehouse vibes. What makes the music unique is its authenticity.

Leslie went through hell to make this music. In the end, it seems worth it. Her upcoming EP is undoubtedly going to be one of a kind. If you want to keep an eye on Leslie, then follow her on the links given below –

Link to the single:

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