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Ariel Adams: The under 30 businesswoman who excelled at being first a music manager & now a social media guru




Ariel Adams

Adams is an inspiration to women across the world for making successful careers at a very young age.

Girls all around the world are no behind anyone today. They are well aware of what they want in life & how they can go about it to achieve their dreams in life. They are not the ones who are dependent on anybody for their careers; in fact, they are the ones who carve their own & hence go behind their goals completely to accomplish them one by one. Women know the importance of gaining education & making the correct implementation of the same for excelling in their work & careers. One such young, talented & dynamic girl is Ariel Adams. The 25 years old young woman entrepreneur has her base in Virginia & till now has achieved many milestones in life while she is still under 30.

Adams has imprinted her name as one of the top women entrepreneurs of Virginia with the kind of work she has done & the kind of achievements she has made in life. She initially started her career with being a music manager & then turned her focus at being into the real estate industry this year in February. This move by Adams made her understand her own personal finance journey, taking inspiration from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dadby Robert Kiyosaki & also her multi-millionaire mentor. This led her to start her own business-related Instagram account -@themoneyrealtor that focuses on matters like investing, real estate & personal finance tips.

Presently, Adams is flying high with the success of her new released 37-page E-book about how to make use of Instagram to the maximum to grow the followings of a brand, business, entrepreneur, etc. & how to sell products or services through the online platform. The guidebook is called ‘From Instagram to Instant Money’. The E-book became such a massive hit that it made $20,000 in revenue within just three weeks through sales done from social media alone. Her guidebook is the one which spills out the best ways one can leverage the online platform, know more growth strategies in doing so as well as some important tips that’ll make them know how to effectively optimize the complex algorithm for identifying the exposure of a post, used by the app.

Ariel Adams

Speaking of her initial journey in the music industry, Adams first graduated in 2016 from the University of Miami with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. She became an artist manager entering the music industry & later even founded her own company named The Lotus Agency, based in Brooklyn, New York. Adams, with her excellent skills & intelligence as an artist manager, took care & managed the social media branding of all the artists. She also worked solo in managing album releases, music video logistics, and even secured an artist for Meek Mill, Travis Scott & Rick Ross as the opener.

With her single-handed management & her perseverance towards her work, Adams took her artists to the top & improved their growth graph from zero to having a million streams on applications like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The artists also got featured on networks like REVOLT TV, XXL & BET Jams, amongst many other names. 

Currently, her Instagram followers speak for her success which drastically grew from zero to 30,000 in a period of only 16 weeks. Adams even got the opportunity to feature on ‘Hollywood Unlocked’ and ‘Official Black Wall Street’ because of her stupendous E-book success. This opened doors of other opportunities for her where she even collaborated with a famous personality named Tay Sweat on an IGTV stream, who is known for his investing strategies. During their collaboration, Adams discussed the methods through which a person can boost their credit scores.

Targeting the millennials, who face trouble budgeting & are living paycheck to paycheck, Adams came up with a multi-video course dubbed as ‘How to $ave Like the Wealthy’. This course teaches people about the ways the rich use to save & accumulate wealth. It also gives out information on various investing strategies & leveraging secrets.

The next chapter in Adams plan is about launching a consulting service, where she will use her expertise in evaluating your firm, the offerings of the company & also help grow your business by knowing its social media presence. She is also planning to work on a lesson plan for another multi-video course called ‘Digital Products to 6 Figure Profits’ where she will explain digital marketing techniques for converting social media followers into customers.

As her above services get introduced to people in summer, Ariel Adams, who is popularly known as “The Money Realtor” may even come up with her other offerings & services in the personal finance industry very soon.

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