Alejandro Lovera Digitally Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Matchmaking websites have grown in popularity in recent times as millions of people go on platforms like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge to find people with whom they can match up and possibly start a relationship. But imagine a website that essentially matches up people for a professional relationship in the construction industry. This was what Alejandro Lovera had in mind when he co-founded ManyBuild, a platform (mobile app and web service) that pairs up contractors and developers online.

Alejandro D. Lovera is an entrepreneur who has been in the construction and real estate industry all his life, having come from a family of architects and contractors in Aruba island. He is the Managing Partner of Ikon Construction, a construction firm he founded with his business partner Dan O’Brien and his Brother Wyatt Lovera. The trio would learn how to identify, underwrite, acquire, and remodel residential and commercial properties and put them up for sale for profit. Since its inception, Ikon Construction has turned in up to seven digits worth of projects from construction contracts, complete building do-overs, and fix and flips all across the Denver, Colorado, area, where they currently reside.

In his early days, Alejandro watched his family at work. This culminated in him running his company for a few years. Alejandro started to notice some problems in the industry—problems that range from his company’s inability to find reliable contractors and workers to get the job done with little concern. To mitigate this concern, Alejandro decided to dive into the tech space and a few years down the line, he created mobile software, which seems to have solved the problem.

Lovera’s idea has been dubbed as “The Tinder of Construction” because of its unique operational model, which gives clients the freedom to swipe right or left and instantly get matched with a skilled contractor within their area. And taking into account the various changes in the construction industry over the years, ManyBuild has built a community of professional and trustworthy contractors composed of English and Spanish speakers. ManyBuild Inc., like its founders, believes that the business model will redefine the relationship between builders, real estate investors and contractors by making the process fast, transparent, and accessible.

Once Alejandro partnered with Co-founders Stefan Norton (Chief Operations Officer) and Peter Taggart (Director of Engineering), the birth of ManyBuild was complete. According to the CEO, the platform works seamlessly with no trace of complexities. A one-stop-shop platform where  builders, developers, and contractors contact and interact until a connection is established. This connection, in turn, helps the two parties exchange details, build rapport, schedule a site visit, create job proposals, negotiate, close the deal, and settle accounts all in one place.

ManyBuild, in line with the founders’ goals, aims to be the most reliable and the go-to construction application in the world. It shoots for this goal by creating a platform where users are assured of a seamless experience, not just for developers looking for reliable jobbers but also for workers looking for another channel to acquire clients. By starting and scaling ManyBuild with Stefan and Peter, Alejandro hopes to revolutionize the construction industry by spearheading the transition from the industrial to the digital revolution.

Learn more about ManyBuild and Alejandro Lovera by visiting the company’s website.

To learn more about Ikon Construction, check out their website:

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