7 Top Socially-Distant Sports To Try This Summer

It has been a long year since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, and chances are you are dying to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather coming our way. The pandemic has disrupted every aspect of how we live our lives including how we stay fit, and many are disappointed to find their gyms and clubs still shut down a year later.

Taking an outdoor group fitness class, going on a solo run in the park, or following along with another yoga video at home can truly get old over time. But there’s good news! Many facilities are opening up to limited capacities, and are increasing their sanitation of outdoor courts, courses, and pools. If you’re someone who enjoys staying active and also staying safe, there are many ways you can explore outdoor sports while socially distant this summer.

1.  Kayaking

If you’re truly looking to get off the grid, kayaking is a great option to build upper body strength while socially distancing outside. Kayaking is my top socially distant sport as it allows you to work out or relax while experiencing the beauty of nature. You can even invite a friend and social distance while floating in your kayaks.

2.  Golf

Golf is one of the best sports to get some quality outdoor time while staying socially distant. The game is naturally spaced out throughout the golf course so you can avoid big crowds with minimal effort, and you don’t have to gather a large group to play. Bring your own golf clubs to reduce contact of shared equipment, or save money and rent at the facility.

3.  Swimming

Many outdoor swimming facilities have upped their precautions, and it is wildly considered safe to swim in recreational water outdoors this summer. Swimming in your local pool or lake is a valuable exercise and a great way to get some vitamin D while staying 6 feet apart.

4.  Fishing

If you love the water and want to learn a new skill that is both intriguing and useful, consider taking up fishing. Check out your local fishing spots and research how to get a fishing license in your area. Now it is easier than ever before to learn the basics of fishing online and a great socially distant way to connect with a family member.

5.  Disc Golf

If you are comfortable inviting a few others to join in the fun, disc golf is a cool way to stay socially distant outside while still having a friendly competition with friends. Plus, this is a cost-effective option as you only need friends, wide-open space, and a frisbee to get started!

6.  Extreme Sports

A unique way to release some endorphins is to (safely) try out some extreme outdoor sports like windsurfing, rock climbing, skateboarding, or big wave surfing at the beach. Extreme sports are wildly growing in popularity, and it’s easy to join a Facebook group to learn more about your favorite extreme sport and connect with others with the same interests. Push yourself to the limit and take on a new challenge learning an extreme sport this summer.

7.  Tennis

Tennis is a wonderful option for two friends who want to stay safe and still enjoy an outdoor sport together. You’re far apart on the court, and the only shared equipment is a tennis ball. If you’re worried about sharing equipment, stay diligent about sanitizing before the match and keep your hands away from your nose, mouth, and eyes during the game.

With the warm summer breeze comes new hope that we will one day be able to live our lives to the fullest again. Bring on the sun this summer by trying one of these fun socially distant sports.

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