Why Poetry Should Be a Vital Part of Our Lives? 5 Ways Poetry Can Benefit One with Its Magnificent Healing Powers

Poetry is the only most expressive yet creative way when it comes to comprehending and appreciating the beauty of life and everything that comes with it. Poetry’s strength lies in its immaculate ability to shed a sideways light on the world, so the truth sneaks up on you and unravels all the hidden beauty. It not only teaches us how to live but also bestows us with the art of embracing and expressing the intricacies of emotions that often remain concealed otherwise. Poetry is a mystical form of expression; the more we explore the well of our imagination, the faster it fills again. 

Having known the countless advantages that poetry offers to us and being a flag-waving advocate of its creativity, the book “Universe of Poems,” written by Scott Rusinko, is a rhythmic creation of sovereign beauty that features all the benefits and colors of life in the most soothing way. This beautiful collection of poems about various emotions ranging from happiness, guilt, regret, sorrow, and love is a guaranteed gateway to feeling and confessing the suppressed sentiments, being the safest place to expose the most vulnerable emotions in such a melodious way. The book consolidates all such beautiful facets of life in such a harmonious way that speaks volumes about the countless benefits and power a poem has on our health. Below are the 5 ways poetry can do wonders and benefit people in the most astonishing ways. 

1. Works As a Therapy – The Most Soothing One

Poetry, if we let it and embrace it, can offer us a way to empathize with one another. In its immediacy, poetry is a counselor helping us to understand one another. Leading us away from hate to love, from violence to mercy and pity, from helplessness to hope, from bleakness to utter brightness in life. 

2. Brings People Together on The Same Page

Poetry acts as a bridge. An immediate path to improve oneself and make a difference in the world. Creating a society where people work together to build each other up instead of tearing each other apart. Realizing that we’re not so different from one another. Poetry acts as a comforting and warm hug, consoling us that we aren’t the only ones going through things like this. 

3. Heals Emotional Pain 

Grief is one of the most painful emotions we experience, but at the same time, such dark and deep pain also becomes the source of some of the world’s most inspirational poetry. When we experience a profound loss, poetry blesses us with a platform to say the unsaid, turns heavy silences into a meaningful voice, puts our feelings into words, and unravels the hidden in a highly cathartic way.

4. Creates Self-Awareness 

Most of us don’t have the time or desire to just sit and aimlessly ponder the meaning of our lives or what makes us deeply happy. Writing poetry gives us a constructive way to do that. Not only does it help people explore and gain insight, but it also enables them to show “inner reflection” when they’re done experiencing their emotions and get spiritually awakened.

5. Broadens World View 

Those who are passionate about poetry have a chance to widen their world views. They can draw inspiration from what is happening today and turn them into important poems. This will make the writer understand a particular issue better by seeing it from different perspectives. A person who has expansive world views can grow to become more empathetic and tolerant.

Hence, in a nutshell, poetry has the power to heal the incurable and quenches the thirst of our soul with its mystical rhythm, impactful words, and truly magnificent harmony.  

About Author

Scott Rusinko, a man with a fine taste in poetry, was born in Richmond, California. He moved to Eatonville, Washington, when he was 2. Rusinko received his early education from Eatonville High School in 1984. A young and passionate man, having emotions as deep as an ocean and a cause to serve the nation, he joined the Navy right after he graduated. His first command was the Navy aircraft carrier USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65, stationed in Alameda, California, where the legendary film “Top Gun” by Tom Cruise was filmed. Then he got transferred to Moffett Field in VP-31 Squadron, where he met his wife. Little did he know that these deep waters would one day bring a wave of true love, tying the knots with the lady of his dreams for 30 beautiful years. The last ship he was sent to was USS CALIFORNIA CGN-36 in Bremerton, Washington, where he performed his final services. As a critical care expert, Rusinko spent a few years at the 446th ASTS Aeromedical Staging Facility, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, and later said good goodbye to the military. He now resides in Tacoma, living a peaceful life with his wife and two adorable kids. 

Rusinko composed his first poem in his boot camp, engraving his feelings and peculiar experiences he had there in his poems. His art of pouring his heart out melodiously in the form of a poem blessed him with the gift of empathy for others. His book is a pure reflection of his love, life, and struggles with a dash of humor that adds an oomph factor. The verses are beyond rules, uttering the mystical words coming deep from his heart with sheer clarity. Rusinko invests hours to craft his masterpieces with pure simplicity and strong passion, believing to live by the philosophy of K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid). He has a beautiful collection of his poems on a website called “All Poetry” and now plans on writing a book “Universe of Poems” after receiving massive recognition, appreciation, and heartfelt encouragement from friends and family. Rusinko delivers a powerful message to all through his book, “Live your life to the fullest. Don’t let your insecurities and doubts come in the way of your dreams and make the impossible, possible. Leave all your fears behind and step forward beyond the precipice of greatness. Believe me, no power on earth can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success!”

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