We spoke to Cristian Marino about his return to Dubai as a culinary consultant chef and his plans to travel the world

The food industry has many competitive restauranteurs and chefs with ultra-unique skills and recipes. These individuals carry a deep love for creating delicious food and a commitment to excellence. One of these food industry professionals is Cristian Marino, a renowned celebrity chef, and food connoisseur who has offered otherworldly experiences with his outstanding menu, namely CMMenu.

Cristian Marino has built his career as an Executive Chef in 5-star hotels and resorts by blending the Italian culinary tradition with an avant-garde sense of design and experimentation. Cristian obtained a health and nutrition life coach certificate early this year while working as executive chef for one of the largest resorts in the Maldives between 2021 and 2023.

Establishing a base in Dubai: Why did Cristian Marino choose Dubai as his new culinary hub?

Cristian Marino, a renowned chef, recently chose Dubai as his new culinary hub. This decision has aroused the curiosity of food enthusiasts and professionals in the sector.

But Cristian’s answer was simple: I’m here in Dubai because it’s easy to reach the whole world from here, but at the same time, I can keep myself updated and inspired in this magical desert capital. Finally, I do not exclude placing some CM menus here in the Arab Emirates.

We also asked Cristian his opinion about Italian cuisine.

“Italian cuisine is known for its flavorful dishes, but recently, there has been a push to incorporate healthier ingredients into traditional recipes. Cristian Marino is a chef who has mastered making Italian cuisine healthier. He is passionate about creating delicious and nutritious dishes, including his famous “healthy eggplant parmigiana,” which can be found in his book “The Recipes of my Smile,” a non-fried version of the classic dish.

If Cristian’s Healthy Parmigiana dish intrigues you, you can discover this and other recipes in his blog section at chefcristianmarino.com.

Cristian Marino has experience of more than two decades in more than ten different countries. He has also worked for other 5-star hotels and a 6-star cruise ship.

Cristian’s passion not only sticks to food and cooking. He loves to share his passion, history, and unforgettable journey amid and post-pandemic in the books he’s writing to influence like-minded people across the globe. He is also the author of the book The “Recipes” of my Smile and the special version The Black and White “Smile”.

After getting back to Dubai from Maldives earlier this year, Chef Cristian Marino is planning to release his new book by the end of 2023, which is going to be about his exemplary healthy experience, hence named ‘The Healthy Italian Chef,’ a book that will speak about chef’s recent experience in Maldives.

Cristian’s influence reaches beyond the boundaries of the F&B industry, and his motivations transcend the awards and accolades. Moreover, his work has a social and environmental aspect that might have lasting significance.

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