USPS Has Today Become A Popular Choice For Sending Package Shipments

When it comes to sending package shipments, choosing a vendor can become tricky. That’s so because there are plenty of options available. We analyzed this problem of plenty and found that USPS scores more than a lot of courier companies in a lot of departments.

While the other companies add fuel charges, USPS offers the customers a chance to avoid this unnecessary burden on their pockets. The Saturday deliveries aren’t charged. Other facilities like address correction, extended area delivery for rural areas and residential deliveries are also exempted of charges. And that is one of the reasons why searches for usps near me are increasing among the citizens.

FedEx and UPS charge according to dimensional weight. For the uninitiated, dimensional weight is the weight of a package depending upon its size of packaging. It can be another unnecessary burden on the pocket as a lot of times you might end up paying more for the box than your actual package. In actuality, it adds up to almost 1$ extra per package.

One of the key areas where USPS scores up is the speed of delivery. The average delivery time taken by USPS is between one to three days. This is the fastest that you can get in the market. That includes any delivery you choose. It means that whichever Priority Mail you select, you get the best of the speed.

Up to 70 pounds, USPS offers a flat rate. This is a big thumbs up when compared to other vendors. Again, this facility is a major bonus on the savings. This flat rate option is great for all kinds of shipments that are intended to go for long distances. With so many benefits, there is no wonder that more and more customers are choosing USPS for their shipments.

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