The Popular Social Media Influencer and Musician, Andrei Lucas, Talks About his Song “Real Life”

In July this year, Andrei Lucas came out with 2 new singles, one of which is titled ‘Real Life’. Both the singles touch some sensitive issues that the youth of today face. The song ‘Real Life’ is aimed at the current generation and talks about how they are affected by social media and online dating.

Through this song, Andrei Lucas tries to shed some light on these popular issues that the current youth of our generation are forced to live through. Social Media and Online Dating have been 2 of the most major factors in the life of people today. So artists like Andrei Lucas take it upon themselves to spread awareness regarding the same.

Lucas sang about the fact in this modern society, real feelings can sometimes disappear altogether. Talking about the song, Andrei shared, “I feel that sometimes real love and real life are not existent anymore in the modern society.”

He is an activist for self love, mental health, and climate change ever since 2017. With this new song that he released recently, he emphasizes on the fact that the people of this world need to take out a moment from their busy lives and find love in real life. For this, patience is utmost necessary.

His fans and listeners can now listen to the song “Real Life” on all platforms including Vevo, Spotify and iTunes.

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