The Growing Industry of Sex Toys

The sex toy industry is booming. According to current estimates, it is a nearly $30 billion industry that could grow to more than $50 billion by 2026. These days, everyone is in on the action, from solo users to couples, millennials to baby boomers. Physicians even advocate sex toys on health grounds. Sex toy safety, however, isn’t usually front of mind, but experts believe it should be. For starters, the sex toy industry is not regulated by watchdog organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which means no one is ensuring that toys are safe. And sex toys are, of course, used in highly personal ways. 

There’s also the reality that sex tech companies have been trying for years to de-stigmatize sex toys by developing devices that are simple to use, inexpensive, and visually pleasing for individuals who don’t desire representational, hyper-erotic items.

While the oldest known dildo dates back around 28,000 years, the concept of using a vibrator for wellness isn’t just a fad or the result of a mass global sexual wellness awakening. Health and modern sex toys have been linked for over 100 years, and how we got to the sexual wellness of today didn’t come (no pun intended) without a few hurdles. 

The Theory

What is true is that the electric vibrator was invented in the 1880s by British physician J. Mortimer Granville, who felt sickness was caused by imbalanced nerves that vibration might help rectify. Doctors used vibrators to cure anything from sciatica to constipation in the late 1800s. Doctors quickly realized that vibrators couldn’t treat every health problem under the sun, and by 1915, the American Medical Association had denounced Granville’s invention as “a delusion and a snare.” More than a hundred years later, millions of vibrator users might disagree. 

The rise of the power vibe

While handheld vibrators command an overwhelming share of the powered product category, so-called “power vibes” have risen to prominence over the last two decades. Motorbunny is an adult toy company best known for its namesake masturbation gadget comparable to the saddle-style Sybian. These are powerful machines with attachments designed for a user to ride and both rotate and vibrate. Motorbunny is the most versatile premium, saddle-style vibrator available, and it exists to make sexually creative experiences more accessible. Motorbunny is the only power vibe with attachments for both men and women. It is intended for usage by anyone.

Sex Toys Are Getting More Popular

Growing user knowledge and shifting ideas about sexual well-being are driving up the usage of sex toys, as is the availability and convenience of online shopping. The growing acceptability of sex toys, where they are no longer regarded as taboo, has allowed many couples to improve their sexual life via the usage of sex toys. In fact, even entirely new types of sex toys are being introduced. While humble dildos and their vibrating descendants have been in use for many years with little or no incremental innovation to boast of, toys like prostate massagers and even electrical stimulation products demonstrate that the public’s appetite for more and greater experiences has recently exploded.  

Rising Sex Toy Exposure

People all around the world are becoming more aware of and accepting of sex toys as a result of increased media exposure and expanded conversations around mental and physical well-being on scales that only social media can accommodate and sustain. Sales of sex toys are increasing, which is pushing manufacturers such as Motorbunny to produce sex toys with revolutionary technology. With a generation of consumers familiar with “smart things” technology reaching the peak of their disposable income, the race to innovate and meet their expectations for connected experiences is on. 

The next-gen technologies of sex toys

Connected devices range from thermostats to toaster ovens, earbuds to, yes, sex toys. Users of all products now expect to be surprised and delighted by the experiences that a connected device can deliver in terms of added-value features such as remote control and the ability to interact with other devices. An example of one brand answering this call is the aforementioned Motorbunny. Motorbunny LINK technology offers preprogrammed vibration and thrusting routines to test out, music synchronization, and wireless control from anywhere in the world, among other features that tech-savvy users find appealing. 

A collaboration leading to an innovation

Motorbunny recently patented the world’s first and only hybrid saddle vibrator and thruster machine, Motorbunny BUCK. In a rare instance of collaboration within the sex toy industry, Motorbunny teamed up with the popular toy manufacturer Doc Johnson to create an attachment that is compatible with Doc Johnson’s proprietary Vac-U-Lock technology. The Doc Johnson x Motorbunny BUCK with Vac-U-Lock has Motorbunny’s famous “all-the-way-to-11” vibrating power as well as two distinct thrusting actions. With Vac-U-Lock compatibility, this machine now provides users with infinite options for delivering focused, customizable stimulation and having profound, multi-layered orgasmic experiences. It is a motorized vibrator with replaceable piercing attachments. For remote erotic stimulations, the gadget also uses Bluetooth and other wireless technologies.

It includes a range of 100% silicone attachments in various sizes and angles and a nonpenetrating rub-only attachment for clitoral stimulation alone. Other attachments available from the manufacturer include a knee pad attachment and a wedge that allows the operator to flip the machine on its side for “doggy style” and prone penetration.

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