Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Cellular Health Specialist Dr. Bill Cole On Why We Need to Put Down the Coffee and Energy Drinks and Focus on Cell Health

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time, even when you’re not unwell? If you’re constantly low on energy and daily tasks feel like an uphill climb, you may need to address why you’re feeling this way.

However, addressing the real reason you feel tired all the time can be a challenge. Sure, you’ve heard about how anemia can make you fatigued, and hypothyroidism can strip you of energy. But are you focusing on what’s causing these things, on the root cause of it all? This root cause, for many of us, is deeper down—all the way down to your cells!

There are energy drinks, supplements, and medications aimed at boosting your energy, but remember that masking over your symptoms will never make you feel better. No amount of medicines and supplements can help you get to the cell level, so you’ll never be wholly free of the problem. So, put your cup of coffee down and look at the real reasons you may be tired instead.

Cells Come First

Do you know enough about how your body functions and where your energy comes from? One important thing to remember is that every part of the human body is made of cells. Since every function in the body happens thanks to the cells, you can probably trace anything terrible that happens back to your cells.

Think of it this way—if the foundation of a house is bad, can the overall structure be good? Your cells are your foundation, and ensuring your cells are healthy is basically the same as making sure your body is healthy. When something is not functioning correctly within your cells, your body shows symptoms of dysfunctions and diseases.

As a cellular health expert, I’ve helped people with autoimmune diseases, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, brain fog, and more to get their energy back and feel like themselves again. A lot of this is by addressing why these people aren’t well, and fixing the cells comes first. The first step? Learn what is powering your cells.

Here’s a quick rundown that you should know: tiny structures within your cells called mitochondria generate the energy your cells need to power your cells’ biochemical reactions. Within these mitochondria exist small molecules called adenosine triphosphate. You’ve probably heard of this commonly referred to as ATP

People with rare mitochondrial diseases find themselves dealing with weakness, pain, and extreme fatigue as early as their teen years. Still, people with specific mitochondrial diseases are not the only ones at risk here. As you age, your mitochondria will gradually deteriorate. However, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed because you can keep your cells young and healthy as you grow older. Most of the time, our lifestyle choices cause the most cell damage and malfunctioning mitochondria.

Stop Simulating Energy

A big reason people can’t get their health back is that they don’t have enough energy to take care of themselves. It can become a vicious cycle where you experience symptoms of chronic fatigue, and even thinking about making healthy changes is too tiring to deal with.

So, what do you do? You reach for caffeine, for an energy drink, or a supplement to help you out. But maybe that’s the wrong way to go about it. It’s something I advise all my patients against, and here’s why. When you drink energy drinks and take certain supplements, what you’re really doing is simulating energy. You’re eventually going to feel a crash that comes from it.

With this lifestyle, you’re actually damaging your natural ability to make energy. So, when your body stops responding to all those cups of coffee, think about why that’s really happening. It’s because you’re preventing your mitochondria from naturally making energy in your body. It’s crucial to address the root cause, CELL health rather than simply focusing on suppressing the symptoms of low energy. At the same time, our body continues to suffer from it.

In With the Good

You can’t switch your lifestyle around successfully on your own. It’s why I started the Cellular Health Accelerator program. It helps you get past the roadblocks, find a lifestyle change that works for your unique body, and trace symptoms back to what’s not working correctly with your cells.

The core of why you can’t get your energy back is low energy. And the most likely cause of low energy is malfunctioning cells. Consider what food and drink you’re putting into your body and how that may change things.

Eat a diet that keeps inflammation at bay, consider balancing your hormones and start focusing on yourself first. Consider boosting your ATP levels and cell energy by eating and sleeping right and exercising for your specific body type. Of course, you may need an expert at hand to help you build and maintain momentum. An expert can help keep you from sliding back into the toxic habits that prevent your cells from producing enough energy.

Even a toxic environment can damage your cellular health. Sometimes, it’s thanks to things you don’t even suspect as items that can damage your cells. Cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals, additives in the food you buy at the grocery store—many of these things we can’t always control completely. So, it’s essential to focus on what we can control, like diets and sleep schedules.

Remember, your body was designed to survive and to heal itself. So even if it seems daunting initially, place your focus on maintaining your cells, getting your energy back, and in turn, healing your overall body.

About Dr. Bill Cole

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