Shane Mulgrew- If Wealth Is More Money, Then Health Is More Life

Shane emphasizes the importance of maintaining sound health along with the goals of wealth.

Wealth and health are interrelated. If you see a successful person who is content and is winning at life in every moment; know that they are not only financially sound but have also maintained holistic health standards. Wealth is good only if your body is not feeling distressed under all the pressures that life brings.

Shane Mulgrew is a peak performance coach who helps entrepreneurs to reach the peak success in life by creating a financially, mentally, and spiritually sound life. He does believe that money is only a reward for keeping your body fit and serving your purpose with determination in life.

Let’s take a look at Shane’s perspective of how wealth is more money but health is more life-

Money Cannot Buy Health

Sure, a lot of money sounds tempting, you can buy all your desired luxuries and riches of life. However, there is one thing that cannot be bought through any amount of money and that is health. If your fitness and health levels are depleting every day due to unruly habits and stress, no doctor will be able to reverse the impact of your actions.

Health is what empowers people to strive harder everyday and build a life that gives them happiness. This health can be maintained through proper work and life balance. You will need to provide the body with elements that keep it running like food, water, movement, and motivation. Riches are good to have but the ultimate combo always consists of both wealth and health.

Together, They Are The Dream Team

Wealth and health are always used together. This is because each has an impact on the other that pushes an individual towards greater heights of success. When you have money and a body that can function on a peak level, you will see every hurdle of life vanish away.

Wealthy people are often suffering from many ailments but they can eliminate all these with the correct use of their influence and power. Many studies have proved that wealthy people can enhance their life expectancy by buying healthy food, exercise equipment and treatments from their riches.

Shane Mulgrew believes that one can only achieve peak performance by putting equal efforts in maintaining both wealth and health. He shares, “Be alone, focus on happiness, inner-peace, self-love and patience first, stop worrying as all will be okay in the end. Work on your physical, mental & emotional health, let life guide you to where you need to be and then build real relationships. Be kind, loyal, sincere and genuine. This life is limitless, infinite and anything is possible for you so never give up, people are counting on you and need your help.”

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