Painting the City Black – Nicholas Ingram’s Back

The launch of Black Mansion Design Studio has sparked an exciting energy throughout the small city of Boise, Idaho. Through professional creative consulting, Nicholas Ingram has caught the attention of local advertising and creative agencies.

The following conversation between Nicholas Ingram and Sally Freeman offers further insights into his new startup Black Mansion Design Studio and the ambition to revive the creative scene in Boise, ID.

Sally: When did you (first) start designing?

Nicholas: I completed my first Adobe Photoshop project at the age of 15, while attending Capital High School art classes here in Boise, ID.

Sally: What is your background?

Nicholas: I grew up surrounded by two successful grandfathers during my childhood years. My grandfather Cecil D. Ingram was an Idaho State Senator for 12 years. Additionally, my other grandfather Kent Hadley was a major league baseball player. I attribute a lot of my insatiability to them. My family is still unsure where I get my modern design style and creative passion from.

Sally: What does branding mean to you?

Nicholas: I think high-caliber branding builds an unforgettable impression. It provides your customers and clients what to expect from your company. It empowers your brand to distinguish itself from the competitors and clarifies what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

Sally: How did you start designing websites?

Nicholas: At the age of 18, during my first few mildly successful ventures of music artistry and jewelry, I wasn’t able to afford the help of a creative agency. Instead of commissioning a professional, I was forced to learn the programs capable of creating album covers and website graphics. This culminated into much larger opportunities that I’m currently overseeing around Boise and the greater United States.

Sally: What does your digital design work aim to say?

Nicholas: Our work at Black Mansion always includes a client’s inspiration. We aspire to convey a story or message to the audience. Our Boise team creates timeless designs. We help create an aesthetic quality of high standard. We believe products, packaging, logo and website design deserve the best. Black Mansion ensures that our clients are setup for success with every design collaboration we embark on.

Sally: What inspired you to start Black Mansion Design Studio?

Nicholas: Black Mansion was created to design a better looking future. I noticed a monotonous and uninspiring trend amongst the local advertising agencies in Boise, ID. After traveling around the western United States throughout my twenties, I came the the conclusion that Idaho is always “late to the party.” This reality must change. Instead, we need to bring innovation through imagination. I specifically joined the scene to help realize this vision.

Sally: What challenges did you face while transitioning into creative work?

Nicholas: The real challenge is finding clients that allow Black Mansion to express creative freedom. We do our best to blend in with the company through close collaboration. Ultimately, our work needs to stand out in the most unique way that we both see fit for their brand.

Sally: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Nicholas: I want to see myself recognized as a successful leader and designer in the contemporary creative world. My dream is to grow my agency into one of the most prolific and exciting agencies in Boise, ID and potentially the Northwest. In the future, I want to continue elevating our services to cater towards a better looking future.

About Nicholas Ingram

Nicholas Ingram (Born February 11, 1989) is an American creative professional and entrepreneur born in Madison, Wisconsin and is currently serving as the founder and lead designer for Boise, Idaho-based company Black Mansion Design Studio, a creative agency he founded in 2019. Black Mansion specializes in logo design, brand identity, product & packaging, web design and search engine optimization.

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