Nuvision Credit Union helps frontline healthcare workers receive a little tranquility during COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis, our medical workers have been on the frontlines fighting for our communities. These healthcare workers often work incredibly long hours in very stressful and dangerous situations. The COVID-19 pandemic has made their job even harder and has added huge amounts of stress and uncertainty their lives.

To give our local medical professionals a little bit of peace during these troubling times, Nuvision Credit Union has launched a community effort to help our frontline medical professionals. Over the last week, Nuvision has helped bring employees back to work at 5 Orange County restaurants in order to provide meals for Frontline healthcare workers.

The program not only provided a bit of normalcy for healthcare workers, but it also helped small restaurant owners who are struggling as a result of lost business during the Coronavirus crisis.

“Nuvision Credit Union really helped us be able to take care of our employees during their time of need. Because of the NuvisionCares program, we were able to bring our crew back in and give them the ability to earn some vital extra income,” said Mehdi Karr owner of Rib Trader in Orange, California.

The program was such a success that people throughout the community started contacting Nuvision trying to find out how they can help. So in response Nuvision decided to expand the program and allow the community to help donate to the cause. Over the coming weeks they will be expanding the #NuvisionCares program to help feed even more healthcare workers and help even more small restaurant owners provide their employees with some extra income.

To find out more about the #NuvisionCares program or how you can help you can visit:

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