New Age Campaigns still need Old Age Ways to Raise Funds

A local candidate has to go door-to-door, make phone calls and hold fundraising events to raise money for their campaign. The online fund raising campaign cannot meet the complete financial need. It can only give the campaign additional means to accept donations.

One has to rely on the old fashioned way of calls and events to get the campaign going. Personal contacts and solicitation are still considered an integral part of the fund raising process. People trust faces, voices more than they trust the internet. Internet can give a push to the fund raiser but there is no alternative to making calls and making a successful event.

The simplest and the best way for the first timers or any small campaigns is to start taking money using online donation platforms. It is mandatory to meet, connect with people and then take an online transfer for the campaign. They can also share the donation they have made for the campaign with their friends and other family members. This way more people get involved in the campaign.

One can choose to partner with third party vendor to provide a simple and relatively inexpensive way to accept payments online without the extra cost and obligation of a merchant account. These vendors offer different packages and services so it benefits the first timer. Their fee structures are different for each party they collaborate with.

The campaign needs to verify its non-profit status before using a payment vendor. They need to be checked thoroughly and verified. The vendor may even ask for additional proof about a candidate and their organization before getting in a contract with them.

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