Murad Islamov- is a Cheat Code, Simply an Elite Player

At just 20 years old, Murad Islamov is a young man that has more determination and passion than most men twice his age are lucky enough to have. This is a man who has known what he wants to be when he grows up, since he was a child – and he has more than put in the leg work to turn his dreams into a reality (and continues to do so). Murad’s passion is soccer, and his dream is to be the best soccer player in the world.

With masters like Beckham and now Ronaldo to compete against, many would say that this is a long shot. But if there is anything anyone can take away from these masters of their craft, it is that they once looked up to the world’s best players as well.

Murad has built quite the trajectory for himself, working hard and, in his own words, “mastering my craft”. Having played for elite teams, Murad is well on the way to stardom and success he works hard towards achieving.

He knows where he wants to go, and perhaps more importantly, is heading in that direction with confidence. As Murad himself says, “I am highly motivated even by the haters. All I have to say is remember my name.

This is the come up”.  Murad Islamov is a elite prospect in the game of soccer and has a bag full of potential. Murad Islamov also has a song about him that was sung by the rapper JAG. The song is called 10,000 hours and its straight fire.

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