Michael Friend Starts Spa Sciences

Meet Michael Friend: he is the co-founder of two skincare companies “Michael Todd Beauty” and “Spa Sciences”. Throughout his life, he’s done so much. He’s worked in construction and sales. He’s been unemployed and on welfare and from there went on to starting two successful skincare companies. “It has honestly been a journey and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I absolutely love what I do and constantly run with that philosophy for everything in life. I am a super passionate person (you can ask my family and team) and I am that person that gets excited for every new little project that I do.”

Before starting Spa Sciences, Friend co-founded another skincare company called Michael Todd Beauty. “Michael Todd Beauty is my baby and it really helped me shape my perspective on how I had to run Spa Sciences,” he shares. All of the mistakes that he’s made and all the success that he’s had with Michael Todd Beauty definitely helped him craft a new approach to the way he currently runs Spa Sciences. Spa Sciences is a skincare tool brand, with the approach of affordably bringing the spa home to you with the help of our cruelty-free skincare tools.

“My idea for wanting to start a skincare tool company came about after I myself started to use skincare products. I quickly realized that the skincare and beauty industry had all these products with such amazing benefits for your skin, however, a lot of these beneficial ingredients were being wasted due to the fact that we didn’t have the right tools to ensure that each ingredient did what it was supposed to do. For example, our NOVA cleansing brush helps that favorite cleanser you love so much really deep clean your skin, as its sonic movements in our antimicrobial brush heads help push all the beneficial ingredients in your cleanser penetrate your skin and really cleaning all the junk out of your pores while exfoliating your skin,” he shares.

His brand Spa Sciences now has over 1,000,000 followers on their Instagram platform alone and has racked up thousands of customers and 5-star reviews for their affordable line of skincare tools.

They continue to study and find new tools to add to their collection such as their brand new Skincare Beauty Fridge that is used to store all of your products and tools. It’s used to extend the life of your products while making them more effective on your skin. It’s the perfect place to store your products while keeping them organized and long-lasting they explain.

They are currently selling their products in retail locations in the United States as well as online with free shipping over $100.00. To watch their products in action, don’t forget to check them out on their official Instagram page @spasciences

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