Meet Jessica Laine, making strides in the world of finance and health

She is a serial investor and an ace entrepreneur who has achieved tremendous success across niches through her passion and skills.

It is incredible to know and learn about all those people who, in many ways, make sure to go beyond boundaries and create massive momentum and growth for them and their ventures. Knowing more about them only instils more hope, positivity, motivation, and ultimately inspires them to become their best versions. Across different fields, we have all come across a few talented beings who shine brighter than others. We came across one such, with an incredible charismatic personality; Jessica Laine, who believed in her potential and became the best in all that she chooses to do in life.

Jessica Laine is more than what we know about her. She has grown as a serial investor and an ace entrepreneur, now inspiring am entire generation of of people across the world. She is known as a multi-skilled journalist, TV reporter, and on-air personality. Interestingly, she was an athlete who was part of the 2016 Olympic trials and then transitioned her talent of fighting in the ring to helping people achieve both health and wealth. This is when she stumbled on the path of investing, which eventually led her to expand her portfolio. She even achieved three certifications from highly accredited programs, which today has turned her into a successful marketing analyst with expertise in various asset classes.

Her portfolio boasts of fundamental and technical analysis of forex, indexes, foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, binary options, and commodities. In the TV world, she worked as a health reporter for FOX Sports Radio, boxing correspondent for NBC’s 11Alive: Born to Compete, and health editor for RollingOut Magazine. Not just this, Jessica Laine also is a mentor to students all across the world, teaching them everything about trading and related concepts. Besides this, she is the founder of Beyond The Body Inc., leading a group of women that help youth “Fight Mental Health, and Conquer Bullying.”

Jessica Laine has even worked with Michelle Obama’s campaign, partnership for America: Building a Healthier Future, and has implemented various health initiatives within the community in local schools and organizations. This woman looks unstoppable in all her ventures and can’t wait to take over the fields, making a larger difference in people’s lives.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @itsjessicalaine and her website

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