Maya Bernaia Harnesses the Power of the Metaverse Through IamFuture

Since the advent of the internet, there has been a strong interest in the potential to build digital communities. Early iterations of the internet provided chat rooms and message boards, and the introduction of social media brought forth the litany of community-based social media platforms — like MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, and others — that we have at our disposal today. With each passing year, and with each major innovation in how we use technology, the concept of community has remained intact. 

Today, Metaverse ecosystems are the new community. Web3, the latest version of the world wide web, brings concepts such as the blockchain, decentralization, and NFTs into the conversation. Web3 has allowed creative and innovative entrepreneurs to stretch their technology muscles and introduce truly incredible business concepts to the world. 

Maya Bernaia is one such innovator. Relying on patience, tenacity, and “damn hard work,” Bernaia has brought the IamFuture ecosystem to the emerging Metaverse.

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

While Bernaia was studying at the Harvard School of Design, she received the opportunity to be mentored by Bill Clinton advisor and Kennedy School dean Joseph Nye. The advice he gave Bernaia was invaluable. 

“He told me, ‘If you don’t know enough, read more,'” remembers Bernaia. What may sound like simple advice has colored Bernaia’s approach to beginning her business and growing her space in the digital environment.

“Right now, everyone is being presented with a choice: accept how things are, or step outside your comfort zone and create real, positive change,” says Bernaia, “I want to inspire people to use their creativity to do the latter.” With education and the overwhelming desire to succeed on her side, Bernaia developed IamFuture, which helps other companies develop digital strategies and creatively navigate the Web3 world. 

“My projects stimulate creativity and make sure people know that to be different is beneficial,” says Bernaia. “We encourage creative people to be brave and try themselves on the edge of creativity and entrepreneurship.”

For many businesses, the Metaverse remains uncharted territory. People at the forefront of this new frontier are using their insight and creative forethought to lead enterprises into this complex world step by step. 

A True Pioneer 

Born in Ukraine, Bernaia was itching to change the world from an early age. Very early she left her homeland to grab at opportunities not offered in her homeland. IamFuture was built with her interests in investing, gaming, and community building in mind. 

“I never stop experimenting and developing my ideas, even if they sound absurd,” says Bernaia. 

Since the Metaverse is still a mystery to most (a recent study showed up to 45% of adults have no idea what an NFT is), Bernaia had an uphill climb ahead of her to make a splash in this new tech space. The numbers are just one of the hurdles in Bernaia’s way; only 7% of people who own NFTs are women. 

Cryptocurrency is also a very male-dominated industry. Nevertheless, Bernaia’s success in the tech field shows that women have a place at the table when it comes to moving into the metaverse. 

Creative Projects on Wheels 

“I am very proactive,” Bernaia explains. “I see enormous opportunities to improve people’s lives, especially their individual development and connection to creativity and income.”

This proactive approach has led to some truly exciting projects from IamFuture. Bernaia’s goal is to help people transfer the hobbies they enjoy in the “real world” to a space in the Metaverse. 

One such project is Metarollers, a Metaverse-based club that features 6,000 custom NFTs and a soon-to-be-released “perform-2-earn” roller skating game. In Metarollers, players can skate around digital renditions of real-world locations, wherein they will have chances to learn new tricks, meet celebrity avatars, and earn tokens that they can exchange for NFTs. Mearollers is all controlled by the IamFuture ecosystem. 

Success or Nothing

Like many entrepreneurs, Bernaia has a “go big or go home” approach to her business. In a space where women are not often welcomed with open arms, she feels the pressure to make waves. 

“I don’t have the right to fail,” Bernaia explains. “It’s success or nothing.”

Her spirit, drive, and experience are already allowing Bernaia to put her stamp on the Web3 world. Bernaia hopes to continue bringing innovative ideas to the space and opening doors for people to be who they want to be in the Metaverse. 

More information on Bernaia and IamFuture can be found on the company’s Discord server,

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