Mark Carpenter’s New Age Vision: Heart: Love, Karma, and Justice

Introducing “New Age Nirvana” and its visionary author, Mark Carpenter. His extraordinary background as a bilingual, bicultural, and ambidextrous individual born and raised in Japan adds a compelling layer of uniqueness to his perspective. At the heart of his work lies the concept of dualism. “New Age Nirvana” digs deep into the dualities that shape our existence, from the intricate interplay of the right and left hemispheres of the brain to the timeless contrast between the Orient and the Occident and even the eternal dance between male and female energies. Mark Carpenter masterfully weaves these dualities into a larger scale, illuminating the belief that everything in our world is designed by a divine hand based on this complex dualism.

About the author

Mark Carpenter, the author behind “New Age Nirvana,” is an individual whose life journey has crossed cultures, languages, and the worlds of spirituality. Born and raised in Japan, Mark Carpenter’s bilingual and bicultural upbringing instilled in him an appreciation for the complexities of dualism, a theme that permeates his work. His unique perspective is enriched by his ambidextrous nature, symbolizing his ability to navigate the balance of opposing forces. Mark Carpenter’s spiritual awakening and experiences with telepathy and channeling have driven him to share his insights on the interconnectedness of the seen and unseen worlds.

The Spiritual Journey

Prepare to be mesmerized by Mark Carpenter’s awe-inspiring spiritual journey in “New Age Nirvana.” Delve into the depths of his awareness of the mind-body connection, where he uncovers the incredible power that lies within us all. Witness his extraordinary encounters with channeling as he becomes a conduit for spiritual knowledge from worlds beyond our comprehension. As you turn the pages, you’ll be transported into a world where telepathy and psychic experiences become not just stories but tangible, life-altering events. Mark Carpenter’s path is one of revelation and transformation, where the boundaries of the known world blur, and the infinite possibilities of the human spirit come to light.

The Embryonic Phase

Mark Carpenter’s vision of human civilization as a thriving plant is nothing short of visionary, a revelation that promises to reshape your perspective on our collective history. In his groundbreaking work, Mark Carpenter takes us back to the embryonic phase, a time of unity and balance akin to childhood in humans. Discover how our world once thrived in harmonious coexistence, mirroring the innocence of a child’s mind, and grasp the profound implications this has on our modern existence. But that’s not all! Mark Carpenter also peels back the layers to unveil the shifting tides from Dharma, a transformation that has taken our world from righteousness to a competitive society of challenges and triumphs. “New Age Nirvana” is no less than an invitation for you to be part of a transformative journey through the annals of history, where unity and balance hold the key to our ultimate salvation.

Compassion, Love, and Social Justice

In this attractive work, Mark Carpenter invites us to explore the dynamic duality of compassion and love, where the two sides of the emotional coin connect to create a world of boundless empathy and understanding. But that’s just the beginning! Mark Carpenter’s vision goes even further, shedding light on how global unity can awaken the right hemisphere of the brain, fueling a collective surge of compassion that exceeds borders and divisions. At the heart of it all lies Mark Carpenter’s message of hope, a radiant inspiration in our riotous world. Discover how this message finds its resonance in the very core of social justice movements, where the call for change and equity is amplified by the unifying power of love and compassion.

Vegetarianism and Veganism

In his book, “New Age Nirvana,” Mark shares the importance of karma, demonstrating how our dietary decisions have far-reaching consequences in shaping our world. Through his work, he advocates passionately for the ethical choices of vegetarianism and veganism, inviting us to partake in a lifestyle that honors the interconnectedness of all life forms. But here’s where the magic truly happens: Mark Carpenter subtly plants a seed of change within the book’s narrative, inspiring readers to reconsider their own choices and accept a compassionate way of living. “New Age Nirvana” isn’t just a book; it’s a call to action, a path toward a world where every meal becomes an opportunity to sow the seeds of positive change.


New Age Nirvana” by Mark Carpenter is a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. As we recap the key themes and messages within its pages, we are reminded of the beauty and depth of the dualities that shape our world, from the balance of the mind to the harmony between cultures and the power of compassion. Mark Carpenter’s spiritual journey is a piece of enduring evidence of the limitless potential of the human spirit, and his book serves as a guiding light for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the universe.

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