Jason Wojo: An ace digitalpreneur.

Jason Wojo, the self-made multi-millionaire with a net worth of 3 Million Dollars at the age of 25, is the man behind scaling 50+ businesses to 6-7 figures, even 8 figures and is already a world-renowned business owner with features in top media outlets worldwide including 30 under 30 in NY Weekly Magazine.

Businesses who currently run paid ads or aren’t even running paid ads at all, with heightened ad costs, will soon learn that their business isn’t only about getting more traffic, it’s about optimizing the 4 most important parts.

  1. Having An Irresistible Offer
  2. Having a High-Converting Landing Page
  3. Your Ads Being Omnipresent On All Platforms
  4. Keeping Track of Your Numbers and Meeting KPIs

“Our Ad Clients have generated over $100 Million online by fixing the 4 parts in their business that makes most businesses fail, and it’s not a lack of capital.” Emphasizes Jason Wojo.

Born on 27th July 1997 in Newburgh, NY, and now based in Orlando, the 25-year-old has come a long way indeed, showcasing his marketing expertise, starting with content creation on social media to excelling at business growth, and consulting by optimizing digital marketing/ads, social media marketing, marketing consulting, lead generation, advertising, and much more through his own digital marketing company, Wojo Media. The much-talked-about digital marketer has been the brain behind running HUNDREDS of profitable ads across top social media platforms for e-com business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them to reach 6-7 figures, and even 8 figure run rates.

He has worked with over 800 brands already, spent over $20 million on paid ads and has generated over $100 Million Online with Paid Ads, Funnels, Copy, and Sales Team Systems. All these successes led him to get featured in New York Weekly’s 30 under 30 and was even a Top 20 Instagram Account to follow in 2020 in Yahoo Finance next to Gary Vaynerchuk.

On asking what led him into the digital world, he said how he liked the stimulus of getting people to click a random ad and psychologically getting them to buy stuff, fill out a form or book a call. This increased his curiosity and excitement to be a part of an industry packed with innovators, mentors he looked up to and ultimately the life he wanted. Today, his results have stunned business owners, turning him into a highly recommended name in the ad industry across the US.

Jason Wojo, acquired much fame through his ads he currently runs for Wojo Media, spending 5 Figures a day in paid ads, booking 70+ sales appts a day, and showing business owners that he’s actually doing what he says! We would greatly recommend, after seeing Jason’s results, his journey and path in this industry that if you want to grow your business, Jason is one of the Top 5 Digital Marketers in the space right now to speak to!

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